A big help to a busy REALTOR and caregiver are the stamps available at Walgreens and grocery stores in Washington and California

Deer Spring Joys for Our Sandwich Generation Family

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A big help to a busy REALTOR and caregiver are the stamps available at Walgreens and grocery stores in California and beyondThose of us in the Sandwich Generation – caring for elderly parents while raising kids or helping with grandkids – know well we need to make the most of every moment as we can so often be over busy. I love the various ways the post office works hard to help us when they are not open (or open but even busier than us 🙂 ). I have often made good use of their automated postal machine. And I just picked up stamps at my local Walgreens. Many grocery stores carry them as well. Check them out above. Aren’t they purty!

My senior mom and I are thoroughly enjoying the warm sunny weather this week. She was out in the yard gardening, cleaning, and blissfully enjoying herself. The Rhododendrons continue to burst out with beauty everywhere including in our yard. And the forsythia has taken off all over as well!

Purple rhododendrons put smiles on the face of Kaye Swain REALTOR as it does on my Roseville California senior moms face

Forsythia flowers are blooming everywhere and Kaye Swain REALTOR and my senior mom are loving them

And oh my! Such a sweet thrill. More deer in my neck of the woods – these two were just a block away from our home. I just wish I could have enticed them down to visit my senior mom as she wasn’t feeling too perky then. But maybe next time. 🙂

Deer are adorable but they can be challenging in your neighborhood-Kaye Swain REALTOR with Keller Williams

Here is another deer Kaye Swain real estate agent loves to see

Spring has been a sweet joy for my senior mom and myself. I hope you and your Sandwich Generation family are enjoying spring in your neck of the woods as well.




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    • Stephanie Marlowe
    • June 24, 2014

    It’s so good that you and your mom get to garden and spend time outside together! It’s sad that she didn’t get to see the deer, but it’s good that you got such great pictures of them to show her and us.

  1. Thanks, Stephanie. And you’ll be as thrilled as I was to find out that a few days later, she got to see a mom and baby deer right across the street from our home – VERY COOL 🙂

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