As a busy Sandwich Generation granny nanny caring for eldery parents - its much easier to pop a Kindle ereader reading device into my purse to carry with me than a big book that is not as light

Creative Ways to Save Money for the Sandwich Generation – How to Get Free Christian Kindle Books Online

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As a busy Sandwich Generation granny nanny caring for eldery parents - its much easier to pop a Kindle ereader reading device into my purse to carry with me than a big book that is not as light

Are you a bookaholic, like me? Not that I have much time for reading in this season of my Sandwich Generation life. Caring for my elderly parents, babysitting my grandchildren, and fulfilling one of my long term goals of writing definitely keep me on a short leash when it comes to books. And those I do read are usually non-fiction about whatever project I'm currently working on.

Once upon a time, though, I could get through a book or two a week – sometimes more. I have a couple of favorite fiction genres. There's a big box of Star Trek novels up in the attic – the classics with James T. Kirk as well as many of the Next Generation series. I haven't read them in years, but if I'm ever laid up for a long time, I know I'll enjoy rereading them. Timeless fiction novels like Little Women are always sweet to read.  And then there's my very favorite –  contemporary Christian fiction, preferably mysteries or police genre, the whole Left Behind series – the grownups series AND the kids. and the occasional romance novels ( LOVE LOVE LOVE Karen Kingsbury – starting with her Redemption Series books)!

This Sandwich Generation grandmother loves the Karen Kingsbury Redemption Series books

Right now, though,I know that if I start reading fiction, I might not stop and I just don't have time for that. And frankly, I'm having way too much fun blogging, writing, and working on the internet – in between caregiving and rousing games of Tag and Checkers with the grandkids, so that's OK. BUT – true confession time here! I DO have a couple of Christian contemporary romance/mystery books up my sleeve, JUST in case. They aren't in my attic. Or my bookshelf. Not even in my car. AND they didn't cost me a penny. WHAT am I talking about?

I love my AT&T Apple iPhone - its great for the Sandwich Generation dealing with the varied issues of caring for elderly parent s

The free Kindle app in my much appreciated AT&T iPhone! On it, I have several very tempting and interesting-looking Christian romance and mystery novels, by favorite authors, and they were all FREE! Talk about fun, practical, and creative ways to save money! Want to check them out? Here's what I found earlier this week. (Warning: They don't stay free forever. Two of Brandilyn Collins' books, Exposure and Deceit, were originally free when I got them. I noticed they are now $9.99, as is her newest book, Over the Edge, so be sure to pop over to the following links as soon as possible and hopefully they will still be free when you get there):

  • Women of Justice series – Too Close to Home by Lynette Eason
  • Relentless by Robin Parrish – A Christian thriller   
  • Invisible (Ivy Malone Mystery Series #1) by Lorena McCourtney  Another favorite Christian mystery with an active senior citizen as detective
  • Stuck in the Middle (Sister-to-Sister, Book 1) by Virginia Smith – A Christian fiction romance with good reviews. The lead character is a younger woman caring for her aging grandmother.
  • It Happens Every Spring (The Four Seasons of a Marriage Series #1) by Catherine Palmer and Gary Chapman
  • For those who, like me, are not reading fiction in this season of life, here are some Gooseberry Patch recipes cookbooks. The first few on the page are currently free. 
  • Just in case none of these are free anymore, try searching for other free ones by clicking here.  

So, how about you? Do you use the Kindle book reader or another ereader or other reading device? And what is your favorite genre? Or do the Sandwich Generation issues keep you too busy to read? We'd love to hear!

I love my kindle app but a bigger kindle reading device would be nice and as much as I love regular books it is definitely more light and easier to carry

P.S. If the iPhone screen is too small for you to read it comfortably and you'd like more information on how to buy a regular sized kindle book reader along the current discount and sale prices, just click here. 🙂 

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