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Celebrating the Creator AND the Creation for Earth Day 2016

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Happy Earth Day 2016

It’s Earth Day 2016 on April 22 but our sweet city of Roseville CA is celebrating it a wee bit early on April 16, 2016. That gives me a couple of weeks to share my fave earth day Bible verses with y’all along with our grandkids. Like this one…

Christian encouragement Kaye Swain Realtor Roseville Sacramento CA for Earth Day 2016


Sweet Spiritual Legacy

It’s such a great opportunity to share God’s power and the truth of creation with our grandkids, many of whom are in public schools and may be taught a slightly skewed view of what Earth Day should mean. 😉

Fun and Easy Crafts for Kids and Seniors

It’s also a fun time to work on crafts with recycled boxes, bags, cans, tubes, and more. You can find the cutest plane crafting ideas at my Roseville page, as I mentioned last week. You can click here for some fun craft project ideas specific to Earth Day at Amazon. Take the ideas and add Scripture verses to it and you can turn a fun day into an extra-special day and leave a sweet spiritual legacy of God’s love in their hearts and minds as you work away.

Great Grandma Wisdom

Last week, Joyce from What Happens at Grandmas , had more great ideas. She wrote, “I just love your idea of “junk sculpture” for the grand kids! I used this as a project for my high school art students one year and got amazing results. And all it takes is for grandma to toss small boxes, jar lids and other “stuff” into a collection bag. Then hand it to the kids along with glue and watch them go!”

Fun for Boomers and Seniors Too

Perhaps your senior parents would like to join in the fun as well. Many of them grew up during the depression or shortly thereafter and if they’re like my parents and grandparents, they’ll have some great ideas for making do with paper, foil, and more.

Celebrating the Creator Who Made The Earth

If you have more fun and creative ideas for turning Earth Day into a creative and special day centered around the creator of the earth, we’d love to hear them. Just leave a message or pop over to my Facebook Page – SandwichINK for the Sandwich Generation – and share it there. And have a blessed week and a Happy Earth Day 2016 whenever you celebrate it! 😉



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