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Creating Cute Fall Pumpkin Table Decorations are Easy Crafts and Activities for The Whole Sandwich Generation Family – from Kids to Seniors!

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I got to enjoy a double dose of grandkids this month. It was wonderful and we had a lot of fun – including plenty of craft activities for grandparents and their grandchildren. I had so much fun decorating pumpkins with one set of grandkids a week or so ago, I just had to do it all over again with the other set first thing!

This time I added plastic pumpkins…

My grandkids did like the faux fall pumpkin table decorations

to our tiny and real pumpkins…

My grandkids preferred the real fall pumpkins for their table decorations

They didn't absorb the coloring as well as the real pumpkins but they were interesting for the grandkids to work on.

I also added two other types of coloring tools. The first, Crayola Less Mess WASHABLE Paint Brushes was something new my daughter discovered and quite fun and interesting.

It was fun for each of them to paint their fall pumpkin for table decorations

The colored glitter glue was the hit of these activities for grandparents and their grandchildren…

Let the glitter on the fall pumpkin table decorations begin

The washable glitter glue was quite the hit for these activities for grandparents and their grandchildren


BUT, while it  was washable it was NOT Crayola, whch in retrospect, might not have been the wisest choice. It did clean up fairly well, however, there were still bits of glitter sparkling up at  us when were done. I have to wonder if it would have cleaned even better if I'd picked Crayola washable glitter glue. I had thought that's what I was getting but when I got to their house, I discovered I had grabbed the wrong one. Overall, though, it was quite fun. My grandkids loved it and it did add a colorful 3-D effect.


These fall pumpkin table decorations are definitely colorful and fun


I spotted some marker spots on my grandkids’ clothes and was doubly glad I had bought Crayola washable markers for them.  We had such a great time and they were thrilled with their bright and sparkly fall pumpkin table decorations. It definitely made this Sandwich Generation granny nanny smile as well. Such fun famly memories to enjoy for years to come, thanks to our easy to use digital camera! 

And what’s even nicer is that this is one of those easy crafts for all ages – from kids to seniors! My mom was resting, but it would have been quite easy for her to work on this project as well. In fact, because of the washability of the markers, these activities work well for the whole family – even those beloved elderly who might get easily confusedAnd for all you granny nannies helping with homeschoolers – it's a great autumn arts and crafts idea for that as well! It's definitely a terrific Sandwich Generation holiday project – even for those of us who are somewhat art-challenged (do you see my hand in the air 🙂 )!


Have you and your family given pumpkin decorating a try? Guess what! Beth from Food As Art is having a Fall Pumpkin Decorations Party tomorrow and you are invited to join in the fun! SandwichINK will be there with bells on (well, glitter glue actually 🙂 ) and the link just waiting for you. We'll be sharing all our final pumpkin pictures here and are looking forward to seeing other fun photos and creative ideas for all of us baby boomer grandparents who are also caring for elderly parents! I've seen a couple of posts already and there are some fantastic pictures and ideas! Y'all come back now, ya hear. 🙂

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