Kaye Swain Roseville Sacramento REALTOR blogger shares CPR apps

CPR Training Tips Here In Roseville CA and Beyond

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Busy Week in Roseville CA

Hello! I hope your week went smoothly and well. Mine was busy, productive and interspersed with fun smiles.  It included doctor appointments for my senior mom followed by tasty lunches out and about, looking at lovely homes for sale in Roseville CA with real estate clients, a fun and interesting neighborhood meeting, a day spent renewing my CPR and First Aid certificate, Kaye Swain Roseville CA real estate agent blogger shares CPR info 1200

and a lovely time helping at church. Not to mention some hugs, cuddles and licks from a dear granddog.  🙂

CPR and First Aid

I highly recommend that everyone get and maintain a CPR and First Aid certificate. It’s good for all, and especially for those caring for elderly parents as well as raising kids or babysitting grandkids.

CPR Training In Sacramento and Roseville CA and Beyond

This is my third time and the classes have always been interesting. This was particularly so as it was taught by a retired paramedic from a busy area of Los Angeles. He shared many real-life examples that made me doubly appreciate spending the time every two years to review old lessons and learn the latest vital updates. It’s especially easy now, for me, as I can go to the Wellnessmart office in my city of Roseville CA. They offer these classes two times a week in two separate classes – CPR/AED and First Aid. It is wonderful at working around my busy schedule. In the past, I’ve also enjoyed training classes from the Red Cross as well as one provided by fire personnel. Interested? If you live in California, you can visit Wellnessmart.com to see if one of their locations is near you.

You can also find CPR classes through the Red Cross, the Heart Association, your local YMCA, and perhaps your city’s park and recreation department. For example, our Roseville CA park & rec usually has classes listed in their activities program. You might also check with your company if it is large or your church. I know St. Clare in Roseville has offered it and I have also seen it available at other churches over the years.

Learn Hands-Free CPR Online

Learning CPR is a wonderful gift that you can give to the people around you – your loved ones, your neighbors, and even strangers whose lives you may have a chance to impact in a very special way. (BUT for other caregivers of elderly parents and other sweet seniors, make sure you know if they have a DNR – Do Not Resuscitate and do not want CPR done on them.)  And, while the in-person classes are the best way as you can ask questions as well as practice with/in front of an instructor, you can even learn the core basics online for free.

Here is an excellent and interesting video from our Roseville CA excellent fire department, demonstrating how vital immediate CPR is. And now that the Heart Association has simplified CPR with “hands-only CPR” with no mouth to mouth required, hopefully more people will put it into practice when they see someone collapse AFTER first having someone call 911 (if no one else there – YOU should call 911 first AND leave the phone on with them on the line – they can also help talk you through it AND they can find you and your cell phone easier!)


From the Heart Association, this is one of 6 excellent videos in their playlist ranging from funny to serious tips for CPR

Here is a great one for all ages, including fun for the kids and grandkids

And here’s one last training video, this one is also from the Roseville CA Fire Department

CPR Apps

I also found some useful-looking apps. Of course, as with all the other info I’ve written about here (or anywhere else), always do your own research and due diligence. What works for me may not work for you – or may not keep working. Good case in point – I spent about $5 on a Heart Association app a few years ago. It’s no longer available online, probably in part because they hadn’t yet simplified the CPR to hands-only CPR. So always check and recheck everything you read here or anywhere to ensure it will truly be a wise help for you. 😉 THAT being said, here are two apps I found that look very useful and now have their own folder on my iPhone. If you know of others, do share. 🙂

Kaye Swain Roseville Sacramento REALTOR blogger shares CPR apps

The CPR tempo has a start and stop button. When you click start, it ticks loudly to help you do the CPR compressions regularly to accomplish the 100 compressions per minute. (I don’t know the song, “Staying Alive,” well enough to sing it while doing CPR. But if you do, that’s even easier as the video above demonstrates. 🙂

The First Aid app is from the Red Cross and shares info based on the Everyday First Aid Program developed by the British Red Cross. The last option on the list is UNRESPONSIVE AND NOT BREATHING and tells you what to do to provide hands-only compressions. It also has links to other free natural disaster apps to help you know what to do in the event of each of those disasters such as tornados, earthquakes, floods, and hurricanes. It even has pet first aid! (My granddog says WOOF!) The last choice in that section is EMERGENCY which includes disaster alert options.

Coloring Books with Emergency Info

Both FEMA and the CDC have coloring books that are great for kids and grandkids. They don’t have photos of CPR specifically but do give tips about dealing with a wide variety of disasters.

Words of Encouragement are Great for Emergencies and More

You probably noticed the wallpaper on my iPhone showing below the apps – with God’s Word of encouragement reminding me all the time, and especially during an emergency, that God is faithful. Which is a great reminder for all of us, even in a crisis….ESPECIALLY in a crisis! PRAYER is vital before, during and after. Our times are in God’s hand and that is just as true in a medical emergency. We do our best, but we put our full trust in God!

Here’s my wallpaper all by itself in case you’d like to have these sweet words of encouragement for your phone. 🙂

Christian Kaye Swain REALTOR blogger shares God is faithful wallpaper


The Verse by Verse Bible Study in John – it appears they switched over to sharing these mostly via iPhone app so I am not going to list these anymore. But you can get their app for free by going to your iphone apps store, type in Calvary Chapel Santa Barbara and download the app. 🙂

Have a Happy….and Appy…..Week

I’m looking forward to another busy week here in Roseville CA and hoping your week is great as well!





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