Most useful weather iPhone apps along with cute pink flower clipart for Pink Saturday for the Sandwich Generation

Cool Weather iPhone Apps For Busy Caregivers

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Most useful weather iPhone apps along with cute pink flower clipart for Pink Saturday for the Sandwich GenerationWhile my senior mom was resting yesterday and I was playing checkers with my grandson, I also kept a close eye on my iPhone weather apps. Storms were headed our way, with the possibility they might be severe and I wanted to make sure I stayed on top of the situation so we could unplug computers if necessary.

As I did so, I realized I should share the most useful iPhone weather apps and resources I've found (and I've tested a bunch, believe me!). My current faves are:

  • The Weather Channel
  • Storm Spotter
  • NOAA Radio
  • Facebook – I follow Severe Weather Net, Tropical Weather Net, and some local weather groups – both local TV news and private pages (one way to find ones in your local area – type your city or area along with the words Severe Weather into the Facebook search space).
  • Three local TV station weather apps – I usually just go to the  apps search box and type in the local radio news stations to find those. 

Love these very helpful weather iPhone apps and the cute country clipart for Pink Saturday for the Sandwich Generation

Whew! The major part of the storms bypassed our areas. But if they had headed our way, these apps and resources would have kept me posted. Since my computers are still plugged in, though, that means we can join in the fun at Pink Saturday instead. A fun way of destressing and "taking care of the Sandwich Generation caregiver," don't you think? Have fun. Have a great Pink Saturday. Let us know if YOU have some great iPhone weather apps or resources. And…

Daily Living Made Easier

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