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Excuse me for a bit while I rant and rave a tad! I love computers! I really do! I appreciate Microsoft and the people who work so hard there. I also appreciate Java and all their hardworking staff. BUT I do get frustrated when my computer, which was working fine one minute, all of a sudden can’t do the same thing it just did and says I am missing a Java Applet!

I am not sure if I did something without realizing it, or whether there was an automated update that changed something when I wasn’t looking or what? I just know that I spent the majority of my morning trying to fix it with no success, including uninstalling and reinstalling Internet Explorer 7! I finally gave up and downloaded Safari and Firefox and was able to do what I needed. I’m now hoping it will “fix itself” with another automatic update in the next few days, as I noticed others wrote in asking about the same problem.

The only redeeming things about all this are:

1. Each time something like this happens I learn more about computers.

2. I know God is using this to teach me things, in this case to praise Him no matter what, and to keep working on that whole “patience” thing. 🙂

3. It gives me a chance to reach out to those of you who are going through this, or have gone through this, and say, “I know JUST how you feel!” And I have to admit, it makes me feel a little better knowing I have company. I hope you feel better too! 🙂

4. It also reminded me to do my monthly computer backup AND remind my friends, family and YOU to do the same. I had a complete hard drive melt down last year and, because I hadn’t backed up in several months, I lost a LOT of things I still miss! So now my goal is to back up at least once a month and I would encourage you to do the same. If you’re not sure how, see my next post where I list the steps I personally take. As they used to say on Hill Street Blues, “Let’s be careful out there!”









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