Classical-ly Frugal How-Tos for Grandparents and Other Caregivers

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Do you like free? Do you like classical music? Do you like sharing with your grandkids, kids, and/or senior family members/friends? For that matter, would you enjoy a bit of a “Sandwich Break” listening to some great music? Then I have a deal for you! Well actually, a company called Munchkin has a deal for you – along with some great products for babies and toddlers. If you click on free classical music for caregivers, you will wind up on a page where they are offering free downloads of two classical “Music Soup” albums. The Mozart Wombsong collection includes about 33 pieces while the Mozart for Toddlers collection has 24.

The albums are geared towards grandkids who are babies and toddlers and songs are selected around their wake up times, play times, and sleepy times. This being said, I listened to the first album and found them quite delightful for anybody at any time. There was only one song I noticed that would be considered a child’s song, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

This is also a wonderful resource for any of your grandkids involved in a home schooling program. For that matter, listening to classical music while doing any kind of homework is supposed to help a child’s brain work better.

The selections include country dances, a minuet, some marches, a variety of concertos, and a few well-known pieces including der Vogelfanger from The Magic Flute and Ricevete o Padron from The Marriage of Figaro. I simply clicked on the DOWNLOAD ALBUM button beside each album picture, selected SAVE, and saved it into a new folder I called Munchkin’s Classical Music in the My Music folder.
I then went to MY DOCUMENTS folder, double-clicked on the new folder, then double-clicked on each zipped folder. I clicked on the EXTRACT ALL FILES option on the left side of the screen, followed the directions, and saved them into a new folder I set up inside my iTunes folder. After that I went into iTunes and selected FILE, then ADD FOLDER TO LIBRARY and chose the new folder I had created. (This was done on a PC using Windows XP. Different systems will accomplish this in different ways. If you have any questions on how to do it with your system, you can leave a message in the comments section and we will try to help you with it.)
These selections are all mp3 and should work with any music media player including Real Player and Windows Media.

If you’re wondering how I discovered this, I subscribe to a great ezine called About.Com Freebies and it’s written by Lee Seats. Definitely worth a look.

I think you’ll find this music a pleasure for young, old and in-between. As a member of the Baby Boomer Generation, I can certainly testify to the in-between.  🙂  On top of that, we’ve both discovered a new resource for grandbaby supplies and gifts. Enjoy!





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