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Encouragement Words and Pictures for Us All

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Encouragement Words and Sights for Boomers and Seniors

I had a lovely time at church this weekend full of sweet smiles and wonderful encouragement words and sights.

Christian blogger REALTOR Kaye Swain sharing Rainbow spotted at Bayside Granite Bay near Roseville in Sacramento areaOur church has Saturday and Sunday services so I usually go on Saturday nights. I enjoy helping before the services, and I especially appreciate the 6 pm service since it serves communion every week instead of once a month like the rest of the services. This weekend was especially delightful for a variety of reasons. It started to rain just a bit, more of a heavy mist with drops really. Then we looked up and there was the most gorgeous rainbow – very close and we could see both ends! It was so beautiful. My photos don’t do it justice but I hope you enjoy them. 🙂

Kaye Swain blogger REALTOR in Sacramento area sharing weekend full of encouragement words and sights like this Moon at Bayside Granite Bay Roseville Sacramento area of CA

Later that night as I was out helping between services, we were again blessed by a gorgeous full moon! Again, my iPhone got put to work taking photos. Again, they are not nearly what I got to see. But hopefully it gives you an idea of how big and beautiful it was.

In between all this fun, during the church service, we each got a card with our Bible verse for the year on one side and our annual goals on the other side. The verses change each year. The goals are always the same Biblically based foundations for us to stay walking closely with our beloved God. During the sermon, our pastor also encouraged us to read 2 Peter. This morning, while doing my daily Bible study, I did just that. WOW! It was like Peter was reading today’s news headlines and talking directly to them. It was truly a blessing to read the encouragement words in it and I would encourage y’all to read it as well. 🙂 I added several verses from this small and special book of the Bible to my list of Bible verses for future Bible pictures.

Christian encouragement words and pictures via Kaye Swain Sacramento area blogger REALTOR

Senior Care Concerns and Encouragement  – Falls In Elderly and Prevention Tips

My senior dad loved his Nova rollator - one of many walking aids for seniors

My senior mom had a good weekend as well. She had taken a bit of a tumble earlier in the week and did have a slight limp. We went to the doctor’s on Friday to make sure she hadn’t hurt anything we couldn’t see. While earning my CNA (Certified Nurses Assistant) certificate, I had learned quite a bit about falls and hip injuries in elderly seniors and what a concern that can be. As the CDC puts it, “One of the most serious fall injuries is a broken hip. It is hard to recover from a hip fracture and afterward many people are not able to live on their own. As the U.S. population gets older, the number of hip fractures is likely to go up.”  Of course, my mom doesn’t live on her own. But as the NIH says, “Among older adults, falls are the number one cause of fractures, hospital admissions for trauma, loss of independence, and injury deaths.” With those kind of statistics, I am definitely cautious about any fall.

We do our best to keep walkways clear. But stumbles can happen even when nothing is in the way. Or to those living in nursing homes! American Family Physician  reports that “…one third of community-dwelling elderly persons and 60 percent of nursing home residents fall each year. Risk factors for falls in the elderly include increasing age, medication use, cognitive impairment and sensory deficits.” They go on to say, “Hospital stays are almost twice as long in elderly patients who are hospitalized after a fall than in elderly patients who are admitted for another reason.9 Compared with elderly persons who do not fall, those who fall experience greater functional decline in activities of daily living (ADLs) and in physical and social activities,10 and they are at greater risk for subsequent institutionalization.”

Needless to say, I take elderly falls very seriously – whether my mom’s or any of my other beloved seniors! WebMD recommends “Get medical help right away if:

  • The hip pain came on suddenly.
  • A fall or other injury triggered the hip pain.
  • Your joint looks deformed or is bleeding.
  • You heard a popping noise in the joint when you injured it.
  • The pain is intense.
  • You can’t put any weight on your hip.
  • You can’t move your leg or hip.

So off we went to the doctor. And now we are full of smiles and praising God for the encouragement words that her X-rays showed nothing broken!

Encouraging and Challenging Grandkids with Riddles

Kaye Swain Roseville Sacramento REALTOR grandmother caregiver sharing riddles and tips for boomers seniors and grandparents

We had fun talking to grandkids in two states this week. And I’ve been busy compiling challenging brain teasers to supplement my fun (and totally cheesy 🙂 ) riddles that I keep on hand for enjoyable grandkid conversations – on the phone or in person. I’ve added several to my Pinterest Board – Grand for Kids and Grandkids. And here are a three fun ones that made me think (and fail 😉 ) but still led to plenty of smiles, courtesy of our government, would you believe.  (Answers are at the end of this blog post.)

  1. A man walks into an art gallery and concentrates on one picture in particular. The museum curator notices this and asks the man why he is so interested in that one painting. The man replies, “Brothers and sisters have I none, but that man’s father is my father’s son.”
  2. Dee Septor, the famous magician, claimed to be able to throw a ping-pong ball so that it would go a short distance, come to a complete stop, and then reverse itself. He also added that he would not bounce the ball off any object, or tie anything to it. How could he perform this trick?
  3. Name four days of the week that start with the letter “t”?

Christian Encouragement Words and Pictures For Boomers and Seniors

One of the many Bible verses on encouragement with this Scripture picture posts for encouragement via Kaye Swain Roseville Sacramento blogger


The rainbow reminds me of God’s promises and faithfulness, as does this lovely old Christian hymn, Great is Thy Faithfulness. 🙂

More encouragement words from God’s Word via Pastor Guzik – John Part 19-John 7:37-52 Opposed by the Religious Rulers

I love sharing encouraging uplifting Bible verses for all ages from my grandkids to my elderly beloveds AND with you – here are some Scripture and regular coloring pages for all ages from kids to senior adults.  🙂


Christian Encouragement from Sacramento Roseville CA blogger Kaye Swain-Rainbow Scripture coloring pages for adults seniors and grand kids


Kaye Swain Roseville Sacramento blogger for boomers and seniors sharing Moon Scripture coloring pages for adults seniors and grand kids

Encouragement for Your Week

Have a sweet week full of His encouragement words in song and Scripture. Blessings!



P.S. Here are the answers to the riddles above for our grandkids (and maybe some of our sweet seniors as well?)


  1. The son of the man who was studying the painting.
  2. He threw the ball up in the air
  3. Tuesday, Thursday, today, tomorrow.

I didn’t guess a one of these! How’d you do?

P.P.S. Isn’t it great that riddles, jokes, and Bible pictures can all be fun for our grandkids as well as making sweet encouragement words when needed to bring softness with a gentle laugh to lift their spirits.



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