Child Safety Tips for Grandparents and their grandchildren focused on Stop Drop and Roll

Child Safety Tips For Emergency Situations for Grandparents and Grandchildren

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What a year this is turning out to be for so many of us in the Sandwich Generation. Tornadoes, hail, and massive thunder, lightning, and rain storms are hitting states all across the U.S.This Sandwich Generation granny nanny thinks there is so much rain I need to be like this duck and umbrella clipart this year Parents and schools are usually good about training children what to do in dangerous weather conditions, but it's definitely good for all of us to add a home safety audit to our to do list, and then apply the appropriate child safety tips and resources to our activities for grandparents and grandchildren. In part, to back up what they are learning elsewhere. And also, to help them know what to do if something happens at our houses.


A few weeks ago I read the saddest story about several children who died in a house fire. During an interview, the grieving father explained they did have smoke alarms but he wasn't sure the young children would know exactly what to do if they heard the alarm. Since the parents were nearby outside and not aware of the fire, the sweet children did not survive. My prayers continue to go to the families involved, even as I've spent some time with my own precious grandchildren as we have been reviewing:

Child Safety Tips for Grandparents and their grandchildren focused on Stop Drop and Roll

  • Stop, Drop and Roll
  • If you hear a smoke alarm – LEAVE THE HOUSE but do it safely – into the back yard if possible
  • If you hear a tornado alarm – go to the middle of the house away from windows.
  • 911 – and let me say, it's a lot trickier teaching that to kids nowadays with so many different cell phones and landlines! 

I also found some great resources online to help all of us grandparents, most of which cover safety tips for children during several different types of weather storms and emergency situations:

Tornado information and safety tips for kids and grandkids

Lots of fun and educational weather, science and safety activities and songs for all of us grandparents in the Sandwich Generation to enjoy with our grandchildren, while helping them learn important child safety tips and information. If you have other links or resources, we'd love to hear about them. And yes, we'd love to include links from other countries as well.   🙂

P.S. Speaking of weather and science songs for kids, want to hear some cute and funny samples of songs from "Do the Weather Wiggle with Stormin' Bob Swanson?Fun safety tips and weather songs for kids and grandkids from this intriguing weathermanLoaded with hilarious songs full of child weather safety tips like The Weather Safety Polka, this fun album by an actual weatherman is a cute hoot!  I just chuckled and chuckled as I listened to them.

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