Cheap Scrapbook Supplies + Great Scrapbook Inspirational Sayings = Happy Grandkids

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Scrapbooking supplies and stickers are great for fun family memories and activities for grandparents and their granchildren

Got grandgirls? Got a fun project for them! I was meandering through Walmart the other day with my senior mom. She headed off to the produce section and I went towards the craft department. I wanted some colored construction paper to go with the Valentine stickers I bought a couple of weeks ago. A couple of aisles over, I spotted the “Scrapbooking section.” Talk about some cool stuff for projects! They are great for grandkids visits, homeschooling projects, holiday fun, and so much more.

They have all sorts of cheap scrapbook supplies like pads of paper with a wide variety of designs, shades, and shapes – from solids to country cute to geometric cool. They have stickers, pictures, diecuts for every holiday, fun scrapbooking paper cutters, and plenty of other goodies. I’m going back when I have more time, stock up on some of these, set them out on a table with glue sticks, scrappbooking paper cutters and regular scissors, and washable markers, and let my granddaughter and her girlfriend get busy creating some fun designs, pictures and greeting cards for friends, family, and themselves.

Enjoy your activities for grandparents and their grandchildren and savor your sweet family memories throughout the years with scrapbook fun

While I was meandering around a different way, online this time, I found an interesting Scrapbooking eBook, Lasting Expressionsthat I bought and will print out for them to have fun with on this project. It gives them all sorts of scrapbook inspirational sayings, short and snappy verses, and downright funny quotes to write on their notes and greeting cards. Even more fun is that is is also useful for me. Personally I’m going to have fun adding many of these scrapbook inspirational sayings to some of my emails, the greeting cards I send to aging family members who I can’t email, and even my Smilbox creations. There’s some very cute scrapbooking verses and sayings for all ages including:

  • A loving heart brings joy to all
  • A friend hugs my heart
  • Music is the voice of the angels
  • Of course there is such a thing as angels. Only, sometimes they don’t have wings and we call them friends.
  • My SlumBear Party
  • Happiness is a beary big hug
  • A dog says “I love you” with his tail
  • Udderly adorable
  • Meow spoken here
  • My mommy nose everything (elephant stickers)
  • Say Cheese (mice stickers with photos)

With 123 pages of quotes and ideas for scrapbooking and just plain having fun, it should make for a very creative and entertaining time for us to just play around with AND if I ever get brave and start working on my own photo and scrap book ideas like my daughters keep encouraging me to do, I’ll be totally prepared with all these fun sayings!

After I downloaded it, I discovered it also came with several freebies, some more exciting than others. One is a very cool 3D product sampler, Xara3D.  It makes great Scrapbook Titles that worked fine on both a Mac and a PC. Isn’t this cute:

SandwichINK - Resources to inform and encourage the Sandwich Generation

There are also two scrapbooking for beginners guides that I am going to save for that time when I am ready to start in on my boxes of photos. I suspect my senior mom will enjoy looking them over sooner, though, so I’ll print out a set for her now.

All of the Scrapbook inspirational sayings and beginners guides eBooks and freeware products except one will work on either Macintosh or PC. The one item that only works on PC is a freeware product that creates paperdoll heads for Jill’s PaperDoll World, Sizzix Dolls, or Tracerkins. I’ve never heard of them so it doesn’t matter to me. I did add it to my PC in case my grandkids want to play with them. They could have fun designing boy and girl faces, printing them out and coloring them.

If you’d like to find out more or even buy your own copy of Lasting Expressions, just Click Here!

Speaking of grandboys,  I know they’re going to have fun making projects with all these quotes and ideas for scrapbooking as well. I’ll get some more rugged designs for them to make fun items for themselves, plus set them to work on projects for others such as Easter greeting cards and Mother’s Day gifts. I do love it when I have plenty of craft projects lined up to keep my grandkids and me happy and busy.

How about you? Are you going to be making special greeting cards or projects for the upcoming holidays? Do you already do scrapbooking and have some suggestions or fun scrapbook inspirational sayings for our grandkids or us? Are your grandkids incorporating these kinds of projects in their homeschooling programs? We’d love to hear. And we’d love to have you join us in getting the FREE SandwichINK email with more fun projects for you and your grandkids.

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  1. Cheap Scrapbook Supplies + Great Scrapbook Inspirational Sayings …: Fun project for grandkids! Combine cheap scr… http://bit.ly/au5f3K

    • Ron
    • February 19, 2010

    Scrapbooks can be so fun to create, at any age! A lot of adult day centers offer arts and crafts including scrapbook materials and ideas.
    To find Adult Day Centers in your area, visit: http://www.GeriCareFinder.com

    • K Wesley Howe
    • February 19, 2010

    Cheap Scrapbook Supplies + Great Scrapbook Inspirational Sayings …: Fun project for grandkids! Combine cheap scr… http://bit.ly/au5f3K

  2. Great point, Ron! 🙂

  3. Plant kindness, gather love. Scatter seeds of happiness. Love these Scrapbook Sayings 🙂 Perfect for #RAKsr http://bit.ly/9l78LZ

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