Do You Need a Cell Phone Resource for Low Vision Issues? Jitterbug Large and Simple Cell Phones for Seniors are Excellent!

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I’ve written about the Jitterbug cell phone for senior citizens more than once, because I consider it such a great cell phone for seniors as well as being a great help for family members caring for the elderly parents in their family. Since we are on a series looking at resources and information for those seniors and boomers who are dealing with low vision issues, I wanted to point out the important ways the Jitterbug large and simple cell phones are great resources for that specifically.

The Flip Jitterbug cell phones for senior citizens will not accidentally dial out when closed

As you probably know, my senior mom and I both consider the Jitterbug to be one of the best cell phones for senior citizens, for a variety of reasons. One of them is the fact that it is perfect for those struggling with aging eyes!

These large and simple cell phones for seniors really are ultra easy to use because they have large numbers on the keypad. For those whose eyesight is so bad that it’s even hard to read the bigger numbers, you also have the option of just pushing the 0 key and having the operator place your calls for you at no extra charge. 

The Jitterbug cell phone for seniors offers you the option to dial 0 and have a friendly operator place your call - perfect for those with low vision

If you are caring for elderly parents and will be helping them set their cell phone up, you can go online or call their always helpful customer service and add in all the contacts they might want to call. Then, your senior parent doesn’t even have to dial a number. They just scroll down the list of names. And once again, if the names are too hard to read, they can just dial 0, as the operator has the same list of contacts in front of them when your elderly parents call in. They just tell the operator who they want to call, and it’s done for them.  Take a look at these specific ways they can help your elderly parents struggling with low vision:

I apologize that the graphic was a bit big for the space but I really wanted to show it to you as it shows all the different benefits that can be such a help for our senior parents, whether they have low vision problems or just have a hard time dialing a phone. It’s also such a blessing in an emergency. If they get too upset or confused, they can easily forget even something as simple as dialing 911. Dialing 0 is as easy as can be. Especially since most of them grew up in the days when dialing 0 was the most common thing to do.

The Jitterbug senior cell phones will give you and your elderly parents sweet peace of mind for daily use and for possible emergencies that can come up! And knowing that this cell phone is also helpful for those with low vision is definitely good news for boomers AND seniors! 



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