Caring for Caregiver

Caring for the caregiver is important for the caregiver as well as for the caree. Multigenerational caregiving and dealing with the Sandwich Generation issues can make it more difficult than the norm. If the caregiver is unable to continue due to the stress and challenges, the caree will also be hurt.

Snow much fun for the Sandwich Generation thanks to YouTube and Pink Saturday things 300

Christmas Home Light Shows For The Caregiver and Caree

Caring for elderly parents and can’t get out to see the Christmas lights? Or aging parents who are bedbound? Enjoy my three favorite light show displays right from your own home.

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Easy and yummy Christmas cookies are a great help for the Sandwich Generation

Yummy AND EASY Holiday Treats for The Busy Sandwich Generation

The Sandwich Generation issues can keep us too busy to bake – but yummy cookies like these can help “save the day!”

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Merry Christmas fun for the Sandwich Generation 2012

Christmas Blog Party Fun for the Sandwich Generation

This Sandwich Generation granny nanny loves a fun Christmas holiday blog party – if you do too, I’ve got some great ones for you!

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Caregiving sent this cute snowman to the Sandwich Generation granny nanny during the last holiday progressive party

Let The Christmas Parties Begin – At Home For The Caregiver!

Tis the season – for Christmas blog party fun to begin – and that includes for all of us Sandwich Generation caregivers!

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The Sandwich Generation granny nanny and grandkids love cute and unique Christmas tree ornaments

Pink Christmas Tree Ornaments Full of Fun Family Memories

Pink Saturday fun for the Sandwich Generation caregivers and grandparents.

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The Sandwich Generation granny nanny even found late red roses here and there - perfect for Rednesday

The Sandwich Generation Granny Nanny Musing About the Waning of Autumn Bliss

Autumn bliss is giving way to winter chill & the Sandwich Generation granny nanny is waxing eloquent about the fall loveliness that lingers.

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Snail mail is a delightful gift to elderly seniors with no technology connections as many of us in the Sandwich Generation know

Stay Ahead of Holiday Stress, Enjoy Fun With Grandkids, And Bring Joy to Beloved Elderly

Fun ideas to get ahead of holiday stress and cheer our aging relatives living far away making use of fun and easy crafts for kids & seniors

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Autumn Bliss for the Sandwich Generation granny nanny and grandkids with this cute pink princess PUMPKIN set

Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Month Ideas for Caregivers

Enjoy pink things to remind the Sandwich Generation to take care of the caregiver, as they care for elderly parents & grandchildren!

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I love the vibrant colors of fall - autumn bliss for this Sandwich Generation grandmother and caregiver

Fall Foliage – Autumn Bliss – Pretty for Pink Saturday!

Join SandwichINK for the Sandwich Generation for some delightful autumn bliss – gorgeous fall photos!

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A special theme for Pink Saturday for SandwichINK for the Sandwich Generation

Autumn Bliss With Cute Pumpkins and Scarecrows to Bring a Smile to The Sandwich Generation

Follow the pumpkins to the easy Scarecrow crafts for seniors and grand kids. Fall and autumn bliss for all of us in the Sandwich Generation on this Pink Saturday!

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