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Practical and creative ways to save money for the Sandwich Generation

Whiskers my cute amazon robot vacuum

Whiskers! My Cute Amazon Robot Vacuum

Check out Whiskers – my cute new Amazon Robot Vacuum – very handy to have around the house and elderly parents will love watching it

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Sandwich Generation money and time tips

How Does Amazon Prime Pantry Work for Caregivers?

Online Help for Sandwich Generation Caregivers from Amazon Prime Pantry as we ponder how to get more done in the day while caring for elderly parents!

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Happy Valentines Day Holidays snowman clip art for the Sandwich Generation dealing with the issues of babysitting grandchildren while caring for the elderly parents.jpg

Easy, Creative and Free Valentine Ideas for the Sandwich Generation

Fun Valentine’s Day ideas including easy crafts for kids & seniors make these two free ebooks a special treat for the Sandwich Generation

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A Sweet Treat From Google to the Busy Sandwich Generation Who Has to Fly

Baby boomer and seniors citizens who need to travel while caring for elderly parents and/or babysitting grandchildren will appreciate Google!

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The Sandwich Generation Granny Nanny loves this cute country Christmas tree clipart

Less is More this Christmas! Timely Help for the Busy Sandwich Generation

Dining on a Dime has some creative and practical ways for the Sandwich Generation to save money and enjoy easy crafts for seniors and kids making Christmas gifts.

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Fun and critical thinking activities for grandparents and their grandchildren are great gift ideas

Black Friday! Love the Hunt, or Prefer Safe and Sane?

The Sandwich Generation grandmother & senior mom are home Black Friday A.M., tho may head out for these fun Christmas holiday gifts later…

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FREE Patriotic Hymn Songs and Music mp3 for Seniors, Kids, and In Between! Enjoy!

FREE for now! Christian Patriotic hymns and kids songs and music mp3 album downloads. Creative ways to save money for caregivers!

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As a busy Sandwich Generation granny nanny caring for eldery parents - its much easier to pop a Kindle ereader reading device into my purse to carry with me than a big book that is not as light

Creative Ways to Save Money for the Sandwich Generation – How to Get Free Christian Kindle Books Online

One of my favorite practical and creative ways to save money for the Sandwich Generation – How to get free Christian Kindle books online

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Spare Spikes are ice cleats for shoes

Lighter Alternative to Snow Boots for Women and Men of the Sandwich Generation

Spare Spikes-ice cleats for shoes that make an excellent light-weight alternative to snow boots for women & men, handy for the busy Sandwich Generation.

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Making newspaper knots for the woodstove

What Knot to Put in the Log Rack of Our New Woodstove

Firestarter knots are a practical way to fill the log rack of my new woodstove while having fun with the whole family – elderly parents down to young grandkids.

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