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This category focuses on easy to put on and wear, comfortable clothing for elderly men and women to help our senior parents and the other elderly relatives and friends in our lives. From full elastic waist pants for elderly men to skirts and pants with velcro closure to under clothes and overclothes and more. Comfort clothes seniors enjoy and find easy to put on help make the challenges of aging a bit easier.

My elderly mom and I have discovered various favorite options that make her more comfortable – such as velcro clothing seniors can fasten and unfasten more easily. Comfy plush/minky capes that she can put on and take off herself as she gets hot and cold often, and elderly footwear that works for her. For my sweet dad, we found great resources for the full elastic waist pants he really wanted. It’s not always easy, but it’s well worth looking for the comfortable elderly clothing they need.

Here are some of my favorite resources to help you as you are caring for your elderly parents or other beloved seniors:




My senior dad loved full elastic waist mens jeans when he reached the end stage of Parkinsons Disease-they were comfy and easy to get on

4 Useful Resources for Senior Mens Elastic Waist Pants

Looking for mens full elastic waist pants? Great for seniors dealing with Parkinsons, dementia or other aging issues that make it tough to get dressed!

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