Caring for Aging Parents

Caring for elderly parents, whether at home (yours or theirs), or long distance? Here you’ll find tips, resources, and more to help you on this difficult yet rewarding journey. I’ve been caring for various elderly relatives for years, including dealing with caring for elderly parents with dementia symptoms, Parkinson’s Disease, diabetes, COPD, and more. I love to research to help my beloveds and to help my readers. We’ll even talk about aging in place ideas – to make their home, or yours, safer for aging parents.

P.S. Here are two of my top recommendations for all of our elderly parents!

A simple cell phone elderly parents can actually use – including the option to dial 0 and have the operator dial the number for them! My senior mom has used the Jitterbug for years and loves it. We’ve recommended it online AND off to all!

A senior medical alert device like a pendant to wear around their neck that notifies the 24/7 operator that they need help. I especially recommend one that offers fall alerts!

For many of us in the Sandwich Generation, pain and suffering is a given for ourselves and our aging parents and friends

Encouragement for Our Aging Parents and Friends With Health Issues

One of the more difficult issues in the Sandwich Generation can be dealing with pain and suffering for one or more loved ones – near AND far.

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Medications can sometimes cause as many problems as they solve for the Sandwich Generation

Things to Investigate When Solving Our Aging Parents’ Medical Mysteries

Is an aging relative having unusual health issues? Be sure to discuss their medications with their doctor to ensure those aren’t the cause.

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SandwichINK for the Sandwich Generation is a finalist in the SeniorHomes 2013 Best Senior Living Awards - in the category of Best Boomer Resources

The Sandwich Generation Roundup: Resources for Multigenerational Caregivers

Join SandwichINK for a grand round-up of resources to help all of us Sandwich Generation caregivers as we take care of our aging parents.

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My elderly mom loves the Netflix apps that allow her to enjoy Magnum again -sm

iPad Adventures for Our Sandwich Generation Family! Sweet Memories and Educational Fun With Netflix

More tips, ideas, and encouragement for our aging parents as my senior mom continue on our iPad adventures together – She is loving Netflix!

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Whiteboard markers on mirrors are a big help for the Sandwich Generation granny nanny and senior mom

Senior Parents Need Help Keeping Track of Dates? Here’s A Simple, Low-Tech Tip To Help Caregivers

A simple, low-tech way to help my senior mom keep track of appointments and medication times – a big help for the busy Sandwich Generation!

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I am so glad my aging moms stress test results were great - makes my heart happy her heart is happy

Helping Our Senior Parents Deal With A Stress Test!

Stress tests can surely be stressfull Here are some tips my senior mom and I learned that might help you and your aging parents.

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I love this concept but it did not work for my senior mom

Intriguing Bed or Chair-side Table May Be Useful For Many Senior Parents

My senior mom and I found an intriguing swivel table for her bed or recliner rocker. It didn’t work for her but it might for you?

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My senior mom used her iPad so much today she actually used up her battery - a grand sign

iPad Adventures for Our Sandwich Generation Family! Practicing With Audio Books!

More tips, ideas, and encouragement for our aging parents as my senior mom continue on our iPad adventures together.

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My senior moms beloved reclining rocker - but now she is a bit too weak to handle the lever

Reclining Rocker Issues for Senior Parents?

What to do when our aging parents are not strong enough to pull the lever on their recliner rockers? Here’s what our Sandwich Generation family did…

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iPad Adventures for Our Sandwich Generation Family! Macular Degeneration!

The iPad can be a great resource for our aging senior parents, including those dealing with vision loss due to a variety of issues including macular degeneration.

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