Boomers and Seniors

Arthritis hacks - arm warmers compared

Arthritis Hacks: Arm Warmers

Sharing a couple of my favorite arthritis hack with you – both fingerless gloves AND arm warmers!

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women water walking shoes look easier to wear than what i used to wear

Ways Walking Benefits Seniors: A Journey to Health and Happiness Through My Senior Mom’s Experience

Walking benefits seniors in profound and multifaceted ways.

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iphones have their own magnifying glasses and other great helps for low vision si

Some Cell Phones Can Be Great Low Vision Products for Seniors

Caring for elderly parents and dealing with the need for low vision products for seniors? Some cell phones including iPhones can really help!

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Love the flowers I see when out walking in Roseville CA and the surrounding area of Lincoln and Rocklin and Sacramento

My Walking Exercise Plan for the Busy Sandwich Generation Caregivers and Grandparents

Balancing Life as a Busy Sandwich Generation Caregiver and Grandparent While embarking on my walking exercise plan, an idea for this blog post emerged, prompting me to pause, switch to a dictation app, and capture a substantial part of this article. After resuming and completing my walk, covering a satisfying 1.3 miles in my house […]

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My Fall Detection Watch Seniors love 346

A Fall Detection Watch Seniors Will Love

Wondering why I consider the Apple Watch 9 to be a Fall Detection Watch Seniors Will Love? Read on…

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