One of the Jitterbug cell phones for senior citizens could have been used to get an ambulance to my senior friend days earlier

Medical Alert Devices and Cell Phones for Elderly Parents Wise

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One of the Jitterbug cell phones for senior citizens can be an excellent safety tool for the Sandwich Generation caring for the elderly parents

I was reading a blog recently about an elderly relative being so healthy for so long and then unexpectedly having a stroke. I left a comment there about a dear friend who had the same thing happen. She ended up laying in her bathroom for 4 days before someone found her. I was reminded again of the importance for those of us in the Sandwich Generation who are caring for elderly parents to be sure they and other beloved seniors have some kind of backup protection when they are home alone.

As I’ve shared before, and as I mentioned in that comment, this is an area that is especially close to my heart. That dear elderly friend who had the stroke died six months later! 

Up til then, she had been one of the healthiest people I knew – of any age! I can’t help but think that if she had been using one of the Jitterbug simple cell phones for elderly parents like my senior mom or a senior medical alert device with an emergency pendant or wristwatch similar to another dear elderly friend, she might still be going strong today, clipping her roses and petting her cat!

Because of this, I have worked hard to ensure that the elderly seniors in my family have a simple cell phone for elderly or medical alert devices for elderly or both. They are no guarantee, of course. If the senior forgets to wear them all the time, they are no use to them. But it’s definitely worth while to make sure they have them.

These are thoughtful and useful gift ideas for elderly moms and dads. My favorite kind of gift – practical and pretty!

How about your senior parents? Is today a good day to help them be proactive in order to be prepared…just in case?



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  4. A cell phone is no substitute for a personal emergency medical response (PERS) system, or medical alert system for seniors. In the event of an emergency, seniors need the simplicity of a large, single medical call button that is programed to contact emergency response personnel who have their information. An emergency fall is not the time to wonder if the cell phone is charged, or to remember which buttons to press.

  5. Hi Charlie, Overall I do agree with you. However, the Jitterbug cell phones for senior citizens do offer the simplicity of just pressing 0 and getting a real live operator who has their address and contact phone numbers. And for senior parents who aren’t ready or willing to use a personal emergency medical response system yet (and yes, I have dealt with that :)), the Jitterbug is a good option. Plus it gives them a useable tool for other needs. My senior mom makes sure to charge hers daily. And, of course, your emergency pendant would need to be monitored regularly for fresh batteries, as well.

    As I’ve written many times, I am a HUGE fan of BOTH! And I really appreciate that your company takes the extra step to be in the BBB (Better Business Bureau) reliability program! 🙂

    Thanks again for stopping by.

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