Learning to think outside the box whether house hunting or caring for elderly parents - its different for each person but vital for all.jpg

Caring for Elderly Parents? Think Outside The Box When Senior Gardening Isn’t An Option

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Learning to think outside the box whether house hunting or caring for elderly parents - its different for each person but vital for all.jpgThinking “outside the box” is an important skill whether you are a caregiver, real estate agent, grandmother, or whatever you enjoy doing. I thought of that today when making a flower bouquet for my senior mom. She loves gardening but so far this year, it hasn’t been an option for her. So I “thought outside the box” and started picking up flower bouquets and little pots of plants at the store when I went grocery shopping. The smile on her face each week has been a huge reward. And oh my, she watches over those pots and vases so carefully.

Most of the flowers have been a delight. I was disappointed with this batch. I think they were gladiolus that were SUPPOSED to bloom but never did.

These sad looking gladiolus let my elderly senior mom down

But that’s OK. The camellias in our back yard (that we hadn’t even realized were there) came to the rescue. She’s been enjoying seeing them from her windows each day. And today, I clipped several and popped them into the vase as I tossed the glads.

These lovely pink camellias picked my elderly mom back up and put a smile on this baby boomers face.jpg

Whether we are near or far, there are always ways we can “think outside the box” to lift the spirits of our beloveds. Cute animal cartoons and comforting BIble verses shared with a long distance loved one. Lovely flowers in vases and grandkid photos on their iPad for our nearby parents. These are all simple things that can mean a lot to our loved ones.

Comforting BIble verses and photo by Kaye Swain REALTOR with Keller Williams

This season of life – full of caregiving, elderly aging issues, and special needs – is definitely challenging. But it’s also full of sweet rewards. We just need to keep watching for them to encourage ourselves and to lift the spirits of our beloved seniors who may be facing an uncertain future with some fear. Hopefully, knowing that we are there to love them, and help them as we are able to, will make that future a little brighter each day.

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