Love this photo I took with my easy to use digital camera - it is so purty

Caring for Elderly Parents Is Easier if You Make Sure You Are Also Caring for the Caregiver

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Babysitting grandchildren and enjoying out of town visitors have been keeping me extra busy. And with summer fun all around us, you might be swamped as well. So I thought we could all use a moment or two of pink smiles with some cute pink things before heading back for your busy joys and sweet family memories. 🙂

I never get tired of  roses! On the bush and smelling sweet, or online at various sites – including SandwichINK today. Such an encouragement for all of us in the Sandwich Generation! I can’t wait til my Mr Lincoln Rose Bush looks so lovely!

Love this photo I took with my easy to use digital camera - it is so purty

Here’s a cute country PINK chuckle for you with this tuckered out pig clipart. He’s here to remind all of us that we definitely need to be proactive at taking care of the caregiver (us!), so THAT we have the energy we need for caring for our elderly parents and babysitting our grandchildren, not to mention a granddog or two!

Make sure you are taking care of the caregiver so you can keep up your energy for caring for the elderly parents and babysitting the grandchildren

Need something to help you relax a bit? I love the Christian encouragement you find in all of Karen Kingsbury’s books. And here’s one with a PINK cover – how fun!

I love the Christian encouragement in all of the contemporary Christian romance novels by Karen Kingsbury and when the cover is PINK how fun is that

Well, time to head back to babysitting grandchildren for me. How about you? Have a lovely Pink-i-licious Pink Saturday!  🙂

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  1. I understand what you are saying very well. I can assure you it is much harder being a caretaker than a patient. I was that for about five years. I pray I never have to do that or that anyone has to to take care of me.

  2. Hi LaVoice, Thank you for sharing. As I’m writing for an upcoming post, caregiving definitely can have many different “faces,” some so much worse than others. Like you, I’ve had my share of very difficult – both directly with my beloved dad, as well as decades back when helping my mom with her dad. There have definitely been many moments I hope never to repeat. Praise God I’ve also been blessed with much easier caregiving duties full of joy-filled family memories. I’m praying for only that for the future for me and my family, but trusting God for His provision through whatever He allows. It’s definitely challenging, isn’t it!

  3. so true, so true….

    At first when I read the “Sandwichink” I thought your blog (name) might have something to do with the hectic lifestyles of today….everyone living on sandwiches…no time or desire to cook. LOL…
    After reading through your blog, I realize that you are addressing those who are sandwiched in the stages of life and holding responsibility / and maybe caring for parents as well as grandchildren / maybe grand-dogs too.
    Great blog…
    Hope you are having a pinkishly beautiful weekend.

  4. Caring for Elderly Parents Is Easier if You Make Sure You Are Also …: Pink things for the Sandwich Generation …

  5. Hi Robin, to be honest, I’m doing ALL of that and more! And while I love sandwiches, you’ll also find lots of burritos and TV dinners too – and yes, it’s often because of lack of time. I’ll have to write more about that I guess. 🙂 Have a lovely, and very pink week! 🙂

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