Caring for Elderly Parents and Babysitting Grandchildren? A Great New Tool For Fevers!

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My senior mom wasn’t feeling well this week. She had a mild touch of a flu bug and would get hot and cold within a few minutes time. It wasn’t too bad, but she did ask me to take her temperature and when she does that, I know she doesn’t feel great! 

The one good thing that came out of it is that it gave me a chance to try out the new thermometer I had bought recently – a Vicks 8 second digital mouth thermometer. I love the quick thermometers we have nowadays, don’t you? I still remember dropping more than one of those glass mercury ones on the floor when my kids were young and spending so much time cleaning up the mess while a sick child had to wait for me – not always patiently. Can you imagine how many I might drop now, with hands that are a bit more shaky?

Of course, the modern digital thermometers are so much faster than they used to be! Still and all, when I saw this Vicks digital oral thermometer and the label said it was ONLY 8 SECONDS, I didn’t believe it! But I decided it was worth giving it a try. One minute may not seem like a long time (that’s how long my older thermometer usually takes), but when you are caring for elderly parents who don’t feel well, not to mention miserably sick little grandkids, it can seem like an eternity. So 8 seconds would be wonderful.

The first time I tried it – it didn’t work! Then I read the directions and realized I had pushed the wrong button. I tried it again – and – DRUM ROLL PLEASE!

Vicks TOLD THE TRUTH. Their digital mouth thermometer really truly only took EIGHT SECONDS. I’m in love! With a digital thermometer. My newest wonderful tool for my Sandwich Generation grandparent / caregiver toolkit! 🙂 

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    • June 26, 2011

    Caring for Elderly Parents and Babysitting Grandchildren? A fast and useful digital thermometer For Fevers!

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