Caregiving Vs. To Do Lists

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HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY! If you didn’t already see it, be sure to take a peek at the Valentine card I made for you at . Click on the big checkerboard 🙂

I spent this day having fun with grandkids in the a.m., moving and helping my mom with her aching back in between, and now with grandkid AND mom for the end of the day. The perfect kind of Valentine Sandwich.

As I tripped over boxes, and stressed over too much to do and not enough time to do it, God slowed me down and reminded me that even if I don’t accomplish everything I want to, or even need to, I’m accomplishing a lot by spending time:

  • Playing tennis with a grandchild or nine – teaching them the joy of the game along with important life lessons such as good sportsmanship and keeping your eyes on the ball.
  • Writing little ones across the miles to share my love with them and thank them for the adorable ecard they sent me to thank me for the box that made it in time for Valentine’s Day – teaching them the joy of correspondence and politeness.
  • Ministering to all ages with different health needs – teaching them to look out for one another’s interests as more important than our own.
  • Taking my mom out to a new Chinese restaurant I discovered when I got lost – showing her that she is very important and much beloved to me.
  • Babysitting for little ones so big one can get a much needed night of R&R – teaching all of us the joys of sharing and loving.

There are even more things I’ve done today that have nothing to do with my To Do list, yet everything to do with the mission God has given me at this stage of my life. So if your To Do list is as unchecked off as mine, but your caregiving skills are getting a major workout, know that you have lots of company, lots of empathy, and will reap what you are sowing in a blessed way.

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