Caregiving Requires Flexibility – At Home and Online

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Crazy days and crazy times for me and my Sandwich Generation family copyBusy, busy, BUSY – those are the buzz words around our neck of the woods. With school out, you'd think it be a bit calmer! Then again, with no set schedules, it seems to be a bit more on frenzied side. And would you believe, school starts NEXT WEEK out here! At least the schedules will be back, so that's a good thing I hope. 🙂

All of this to say that my life and schedules have been experiencing my changes. As a result, you may have noticed my writing schedule has changed quite a bit as well. And yet, hopefully, you will also find there are still plenty of great resources to help you (and me) on this Sandwich Generation journey we share. 


  • Weekly update of what my Sandwich Generation family is up to along with any great new resources or topics we are currently exploring to help you with your multigenerational family.
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  • Weekly post about a wide variety of topics dealing with our multigenerational home and garden needs including those of our extended family – particularly our senior parents. (Not to mention fun ideas for those of us with kids at home or babysitting grandchildren frequently.)
  • Twitter updates for both @KayeSwain AND @SandwichINK as well as @ElderCareChat with plenty of information and ideas for the home and garden including plenty of resources for buying, selling, repairing, maintaining, etc.



Do check in regularly as, generally speaking, there are daily updates at each site. 

As you well know, life changes constantly. That's even more true for many of us caregivers. Flexibility is one of the best ways for me to adjust to those changes and this is one of the ways I'm flexing. How about you? What's one of your favorite ways of dealing with changes?