Caregivers: You Don’t Have to Be Everywhere To Be Able to Help

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Yesterday, I wrote about the importance of flexibility for all of us in the Sandwich Generation, along with the importance of asking. Asking for help, asking for options, asking for whatever it is that is necessary in our current situation.

While that is indeed vital, there are times when there is no one to ask. A few years ago, I was visiting out-of-state and helping dear ones cope with a nasty cold, my mom was home alone and expecting my return in a couple of days, and one of my beloved seniors in yet a third state was hospitalized. I’m telling you, for an hour or so, it was like I could feel the stress just building up inside me. I felt like a pressure-cooker waiting to explode. I wanted to be in each of the three places to help but that was impossible. In that situation, there was only one thing I could do. Of course, it was also the best thing I could do and I did it. I prayed. I emailed and called others and asked them to pray as well. As we prayed, we watched as God worked the whole situation out. He provided a neighbor to help the senior citizen, the family I was visiting finally started getting better, and a day or so later, I was able to head home to help my mom. I did this all with God’s peace that passes all understanding covering my heart and my mind.

It is so vital for us to remember that when we are God’s children, we are never alone. We are always blessed with the flexibility and power that God provides us through His gift of prayer. We need to remember to start our asking by taking our requests to Him in prayer.

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