Caregivers Take Note – Microsoft Issues Worm Alert

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Microsoft did something yesterday that they rarely do. They issued an update on a day different than their norm because it is required to fix an up-til-now unknown problem. This problem would allow not-nice people to complicate your life mighily with a nasty worm. As caregivers, our hands are already plenty full. We certainly don’t need to waste time trying to fix our computer because of a nasty worm infection!

If you already have updates automatically loading and installing, you should be fine. You should have gotten a little message from your computer saying it did an update for you. If you are like me and have updates automatically loading but waiting for your approval to be installed, you need to install it as soon as possible. I know for my computer, I just need to look down to the bottom right of my computer and it will show me a little icon (my icon looks like a little shield) to click on and tell me all about it. Your computer may be different. If you’re not sure what is what, try moving your mouse cursor over each icon in the bottom right and read what each is called to see if any are called updates. If you are not sure, you can always follow the next step for those who don’t do any automatic updates.

If you do not have updates loaded automatically, you can go to their website directly for more information and to download the update.

I strongly encourage you to do this ASAP! Then you can head back to your elderly parents, grandchildren, or other duties with a major task crossed off your to do list. Now isn’t that a nice thought!

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