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Merry Christmas to multigenerational caregivers everywhereChristmas gift cards – they are wonderful! So easy to buy, so easy to mail and since I usually only buy them from places that offer free shipping, they save me money. If you’re like me, you know well that saving time and money are key components to making a caregiver’s life a bit easier. BUT with so many businesses struggling this year, they may NOT be the best choice for a gift for us this Christmas. The last two places I bought computers from have both gone out of business unexpectedly. Linens N Things is closing. These are stores I would never have thought would close! So for me, I stick with Amazon, Target plus I’m re-thinking my options as I think about Christmas gift shopping that takes the least amount of time and money! I don’t have any earthshaking solutions, but I do have some great places to point you to that might be a help.

Fatwallet was my favorite research site. It has now become EBATES. I

Refund Makes Cents – A great site but it looks like it is no longer in operation. I love to give books and calendars for Christmas. Using Amazon, I can save time, money and open up the world for the special people in my life. Whether it is a gorgeous Kinkade calendar  for a beloved aunt and uncle or Little House on the Prairie books for darling nieces, nephews, and grandchildren, I can find almost everything I need at Amazon. They carry music CDs, DVDs (we are particularly partial to Max Lucado’s Hermie series for the kids), and even music downloads so you can send the gift by email. I have used Amazon to send groceries, vitamins, cookies, etc. You can purchase toys and game through them. They are wonderfully useful! They even offer free shipping for purchases over $25 although this does not count for items they sell from other companies, so be sure to watch for that. And, of course, they DO have gift cards which I can order and have delivered in FIVE MINUTES! Very handy for those of us who get a lot of interruptions! 

Well, that’s all for now. How about you? Do you have any favorite shopping resources to share with us? We’d love to hear! 

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