Caregivers – One Possible Option for Free Medical Treatment

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This is a tough economy for employees! Right now I personally know six people who are out of work. It’s bad enough losing your job and losing your salary. But what happens to those who have health problems? This is becoming especially prevalent right now for Baby Boomers. Generally speaking, it seems like the younger you are, the easier it is to find another job. Part of that is salary expectations. Workers with more experience expect higher salaries. Employers who are strapped may prefer to pay lower salaries. They may also have a harder time finding jobs that will accommodate their schedules if they are caregivers who need occasional time off to take elderly parents or grandkids to appointments. Baby Boomers are also right in the age that is starting to see more health problems rearing their ugly heads! They are too young for Medicare, too old for the health options available to children. Do they have any viable options?

One I read about today in the paper is to become a test patient for a medical researcher. Some call it being a “medical guinea pig.” This is a solution that carries some risks, and you have to fill out plenty of forms. If the alternative, however, is to go without needed medications and doctor check ups, it certainly seems like it is worth checking out. To find out more, you can read the article, “For Some, Care Means Being A Guinea Pig .”

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