Caregiver Encouragement From Hannah

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Working on my Bible study this morning, I was thoroughly enjoying learning more about the very beginnings of John the Baptist and Jesus. I appreciate how God can take passages I’ve read dozens, if not hundreds, of times, and make them fresh and new to me each time I read them. Today He did that several times and it was so encouraging!

As I studied, I enjoyed reading passages from 1 Samuel 1, where I read Hannah’s prayer of praise. Some of the verses that especially touched this caregiver’s heart included:

My heart exults in the Lord.

I rejoice in Your salvation.

There is no one holy like the Lord. Indeed, there is no one besides You. Nor is there any rock like our God.

The Lord is a God of knowledge and with Him actions are weighed.

The feeble gird on strength!

Not by might shall a man prevail.

As a Sandwich Generation senior home care giver and grandma, those last two were especially nourishing to my spirit. Too often I try to do everything myself. Then God has to remind me that I am trying to take over HIS job. I don’t know about you, but I often feel pretty feeble. How encouraging to know that our God, our ROCK, will gird us with His strength.

I hope this will encourage you as it did me. I pray that your week will be blessed by God, by His hope, by His strength, and by His power.

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