All my grandkids - both the grandboys and grandgirls enjoyed these cool Color Blanks

Busy Grandchildren Are Happy Grandchildren

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My iphone grandkids apps definitely came in handy

Easter! How was yours? Mine was grandkid-ilicious! I actually got to enjoy most of two sets of my grandkids. Since we are all fairly spread out, that was really a special treat! And full of fun crafts, great games, delightful activities, and handy dandy iPhone apps to help a busy grandma!

I kid you not, at one point I was playing two different games with four different grandkids AT THE SAME TIME! Trouble was the hot ticket on the right with two, while Hangman was the left-sided game with two more. I’m pretty good at multi-tasking but have to admit, that was a BIT much! 🙂 Then again, I have fun memories of both games and got to have more time with each grandkid. Since it was a whirlwind and busy weekend, I’m definitely not complaining.

In between games, we had fun with craft projects including the grandkids making their own handmade greetings cards to send to great-grandma since she didn’t feel up to joining in.

My grandkids enjoyed making handmade greetings cards at Easter

You should have seen the look on her face when I got home and delivered all the fun surprises. Plus I made sure to make videos this time of all the grandkids saying “I love you,” and “I miss you” to her. Something she can enjoy over and over.

I also brought a bunch of Color Blanks. These are a white or black solid-colored plastic thing for kids to color with the markers that come with the sets. I’ve found them in a variety of places including Target and Michael’s Crafts and all of my grandkids LOVE these things.

My grandkids had a great time with ColorBlanks at Easter

They each got to do one. But as the day progressed, they started swapping them around. At one point, big sis had four which she was embellishing with more coloring. Then they swapped around again. By the time I left, I think each had totally different ones but all seemed happy.

All my grandkids - both the grandboys and grandgirls enjoyed these cool Color Blanks

Because it was Easter weekend, we went to church on Saturday night for Easter vigil and Sunday morning for Easter. We went early so their mom could help with a project and I spent the time hanging with the grandkids. I decided that was the perfect time for an “easy out” for this grandma and went armed with all my iPhones and a couple of theirs. Both times, we ended up in the corner with iPhone games going, their closest friends clustered around, and the sounds of spelling going on as Hangman continued to be the most popular choice with half the grandkids to play with me. Even my youngest grandkid got in on the grand-kid app fun with the car puzzle pictured above.

All in all, it was a lovely weekend and now I’m back to work hard on real estate clients’ projects, helping my senior mom, babysitting the local grandkids, and sorting through all the fun photos and videos from the weekend. One grand thing about this season of life – I’m never bored! How about you? What were some of the highlights from your Easter weekend? We’d love to hear.

Fun for grandparents whether at home or out and about at the Grand Social


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  1. I’m so glad you got to enjoy all that time with the kids! You described me perfectly too! The 3 oldest have different Lego sets going and I’m in the middle – trying to help them all and answering every “Grandma! Grandma! Look at this!” as quickly as I can!

  2. Time spent with grandchildren is certainly fun time well spent! How sweet that the grands were able to do such nice things for their Great Grandma — I bet her face really did light up! Technology is the best! Glad you had such a wonderful Easter.

  3. Thanks Kc! It was a special blessing. Have a lovely week – can you believe it’s officially summer on Saturday!

  4. 🙂 It can get crazy, can’t it Joyce? But crazy fun works and hopefully it’s all grand exercise for our brains even as I keep losing coz of too many games hehehehe 🙂

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