Even my granddog loved seeing the bubbles and even got up to see the bubble wands and solution

Bubbles Away! Happy May Day to The Sandwich Generation!

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Happy May Day to The Sandwich Generation!

We do not know how to make homemade bubble solution but have fun with colored bubbles thanks to Walmart and love the pix I get with my easy to use digital camera

From kite flying last week to bubble blowing this week, both are such fun activities for grandparents and grandkids on windy days, including windy May Days! My grandkids and I especially enjoyed these colorful bubbles from the jug I picked up from Walmart.

Bubble wands are fun and easy to use but as my digital camera shot shows my grandkids prefer the battery operated bubble shooter guns since they make more bubbles faster

The grandkids laughed as they shot their bubble shooter guns, then chased  the bubbles while I sat back and enjoyed grandchild-AND bubble-watching.

These bubble shooter guns were a big hit with my grandkids for blowing LOTS of colorful bubbles 2

Even granddog enjoyed the colorful scene, though he did stay pretty close to me. 🙂 

My granddog loved seeing the bubbles and even got up to see the bubble wands and solution  but most of the  time he stayed quite close to me

How about you and your Sandwich Generation family? Did you have much wind in the last couple of weeks? Got any special activities to share with us? 🙂 

I love taking photos of cool colored bubbles with my easy to use digital camera - a fun hobby in the midst of the busy Sandwich Generation

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  1. Good morning Kaye!

    How fun. I need to do this with my grands too. Great shots. Hope you are doing well.

  2. These are great shots. I love those bubble guns. My little one has one too and she loves it. They make such colorful bubbles.

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