Boxy Help For The Sandwich Generation Grandparent Who Has Lost Their Voice!

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Squeak, aaaah, shhhhh. That's what it sounded like in my house last week. For three days – NO voice and LOTS of prayer. I wasn't sick. It was an odd and frustrating allergy attack. And we had fun water-play plans I needed to help with this past weekend so I HAD to regain my voice. Thus I was REALLY good about staying quiet and God was awesome! I got it back just in the nick of time and my voice, while still hoarse, is still working. But what in the world does a Sandwich Generation granny nanny, who stays VERY busy babysitting grandchildren, do with NO voice. In one word – BOXES!

Two huge boxes plus three excited grandchildren equals a happy Sandwich Generation granny nanny

We were blessed with two huge packing boxes that are now sitting in my living room. They may not do much for the "room decor" but they are great for keeping the grandkids busy and happy.

Cushions and toys and battery operated candles and lights make for a very fun grandson cave for our Sandwich Generation family

At their house, we also put boxes to work. These were smaller. Some were big enough for them to ride in.

More boxes for our Sandwich Generation grandkids

And some were really small – but they taped them up and used them as ginormous building blocks to make a fortress.

Small boxes are also handy for the Sandwich Generation granny nanny and grandkids

All of which kept them so wonderfully busy and happy I was able to talk less and regain my voice faster. Always a good thing for those of us in the Sandwich Generation to have a working voice, don't you think? Have a lovely Sweet Shot Tuesday! And…

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