Boomers & Seniors Blog Carnival- Take 2

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Yes, the Boomers & Seniors Blog Carnival is, indeed, in full swing and you can find the second edition at the Seniors for Living website – .

Once there you will discover a wealth of valuable information including:

8 Things to do/discuss with your elderly parent so that when care needs present themselves, you will be prepared.

An excellent article describing the vital role service dogs play as caregivers.

Caregiver contracts, also known as personal care or personal service contracts, are explained. These contracts help define the role of the different family members who are providing care, and any expenses that will be reimbursed. I recently read a sad article of a family who helped each other with care and finances.  Because they did not prepare in advance and follow some of the excellent tips in this article, they ended up with a major tax bill. Be sure to read the article entitled, “In Tough Times, Caregivers May Cash In” and continue to research and follow up on this important topic.

If you or one of your elderly relatives is looking for a new retirement city, The Consumer Boomer is doing a series on just that subject. He discusses the various cities recommended by Money magazine with honest and interesting information. My favorite was the article on St. Joseph, Michigan. Probably NOT a great place to retire as he points out – in an interesting and humorous manner. A wee bit cold, I’m thinking, unless of course, you are one of those skiing seniors :) Otherwise, from the looks of it, the other cities he discusses will probably be warmer choices for y’all.

Brilliant Babblings offers an excellent reminder to us to take care with our elderly friends and relatives. Share with them the gifts of patience, compassion, and time to listen to them. Time is in very short supply in our family at the moment, so it was an excellent reminder to me!

In addition to all these, you will find a wide variety of  interesting articles covering the subject of vitality, health and wellness including, “Mysterious Morning Neck Pain,” and last, but not least, four articles covering the senior lifestyle. I would recommend you pay special attention to the article, “2009 Changes to Required Minimum Distributions Rules for Investors over 70 1/2.” I am excited to admit that you will also find one of my recent articles on helping your elderly relatives move.

Wow! Excellent reading and resource materials to keep you and me both busy for the rest of the night!

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