Boomer and Senior Autumn Senior Gardening Fun – From Fall Mums to The Last of the Sunflower House

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Some of the latest autumn flowers and other goings on for my senior mom’s fall gardening projects. A sweet delight for all of our Sandwich Generation family.

The sunflower house is gone for the year but the butterfly bush plant is still popping out occasional buds like this lovely one


My senior moms garden wagons are a big help all year long including autumn and fall - and look at this lovely tri-color mums planter


Another of my senior moms autumn and fall gardening projects via my easy to use digital camera


Autumn and Fall are here - our baby boomer and senior gardening projects for fall - sunflowers to mums


This was not one of our boomer and senior gardening projects - it was a sweet gift from a beloved full of family memories

Nope, this lovely red rose was NOT from our plant. Instead, it was a delightful gift from a loved one, full of sweet family memories. And it’s perfect to say Happy Autumn to all of us in the Sandwich Generation.


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