My Favorite Songs To Help Grandkids Learn The Books of the Bible – Part 1

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Learning the Books of the Bible Along with Bible Memory Verses

Projects to help kids and grandkids with their Bible memory verses are some of the most important things I do with my grandkids. But there are other important things we work on as well. Some of my grandkids are learning Latin words this year (amazing how many of them I know from Law and Order – who says TV isn’t educational! 🙂). We’ve been working on body parts (see – those Halloween skeletons ARE quite useful!). And now – it’s on to learn the books of the Bible. A great brain activity for my whole Sandwich Generation family including my grandchildren. (And even me!)

Lots of great songs To Help Grandkids Learn The Books of the Bible

Even Grandparents Can Learn New Truths

True confession time. I’ve been reading the Bible for over three decades. I’ve been reading it daily for over two decades. I’m sure I had to learn the Books of the Bible when I was in Lutheran school for eight years. I’ve worked with various grandkids on this project more than once over the past umpteen years. And yet, I still struggle with a couple of those minor prophets! So ANYTHING I can find to help them and me learn these easily, I grab at! 

LOVE Praise and Worship Songs

Of course, you know me! Loving Christian praise and worship songs for all ages, I am always on a quest for yet another fun Books of the Bible song and over the years, I have collected a handful of them in what used to be an iPod playlist and has now turned into a ton of YouTube playlists to enjoy while tootling around town. I also found a BOOK that comes with a CD and includes 50 Bible songs including the books of the Bible. Very cool!

Help Grandkids Learn The Books of the Bible Thru Music

Perfect Book – A Books of the Bible Song from Awana – very easy to understand and a cute and perky little melody. It, too, has all the books of the Bible in this one song and it is much easier to understand, although it does go a bit fast. I, personally, love a faster beat most of the time, but for learning the books of the Bible, sometimes slower is more helpful. 

  My First Hymnal – This also splits the Old and New Testament into two songs with different tunes and singers for each.  This has a nice tempo, no extras, but each song was easy to understand so they are great for those looking for a song remember Books Bible. It’s a bit hard to find nowadays. But Youtube has the individual songs.  Here’s the Old and New Testament songs of Books of the Bible at  YouTube:

We are long time fans of the Wonder Kids album and they have them broken into two songs as well. Easy to sing and to listen to.  And hooray! They have a book and cd set with 50 stories and 50 songs AND it has the Books of the Bible song for Old Testament AND the Books of the Bible song for New Testament! Just click here to check it out.

And here they are on YouTube – the Old Testament Books Bible Song Kids-

The New Testament Books Bible Song Kids-

Bible Book Bop by the Go Fish Guys – I’ve got one set of older grandkids who LOVED this when they were about 8-10.  It’s fun! It’s “baby boomer AND grandkid happy” (think Beach Boys!). BUT it is a little bit hard to understand the names of all of the books of the Bible in the song. I still play it every time. We love it and I’m reasonably sure it’s filtering in their brains and exercising mine as well. But I also always play at least one other on this list. I would consider this more for older kids. In fact, it’s time to test drive this with the 5-7 year olds when they come by. 🙂 Amazon has it by itself as an mp3 option. They also have the album including this song as well. Click here to see the album or here for the mp3

Another one that is also geared more for a bit older grandchild, these two fun videos are from and again, there is one Old Testament Books Bible song and one New Testament Books Bible song kids will enjoy. They’re bright and colorful videos with a fun rendition of the books the Bible and the books in big letters so they can read and sing. They are available free on YouTube and would definitely resonate with several kids I know. Enjoy.

I hope you enjoyed listening to some of our favorite Book of the Bible songs. Our kids and grandkids can enjoy listening to them while learning the books of the Bible.  And they are NOT the only Books of the Bible songs. Click here to see part 2.

P.S. Here is a 2 page free printable list of the Books of the Bible in order – for Kids and Grandkids.  another printable list books bible kids - old testament

another printable list books Bible kids - old testament

AND if you’d like a set of bookmarks with the Books of the Bible listed, Amazon has some lovely ones. Just click here and here.

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