Blue Moo CD Loved By Sandwich Generation Caregiver

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Blue Moo CD Delights

SandwichINK loves Sandra Boynton and Personal Penguin on Blue Moo CDDo you love Davy Jones of the Monkees, Steve Lawrence, Neil Sedaka, Sha Na Na, BB King, and Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys? Do you enjoy the music of the 50’s?  Do you have fun reading to your grandkids? Would your aging parents say yes to any or all of these? Then I have a wonderful book and cd set to share with you. I can’t believe I just discovered the Blue Moo CD book as it is by one of my absolute, all-time favorite children’s book authors, Sandra Boynton. My only excuse is that I normally focus on her books, but still…

Sandra Boynton & Davy Jones & Blue Moo

One of my daughters called and told me I should listen to the Penguin Song on the Blue Moo cd in the book by Sandra Boynton. I was a bit surprised by that, but I checked it out on YouTube and LOVED IT. I called her back to ask if she was talking about the Personal Penguin song sung by Davy Jones. “Yes, I think so,” she replied. “That’s Davy Jones of the Monkees – one of my all time favorite groups AND singers!” I excitedly reported.

A Friend Loves At All Times

As I watched this adorable song with the cute illustrations from the book that included the Blue Moo CD, the verse, “A friend loves at all times,” came to my mind. The story makes a great illustration for that verse!

Blue Moo Video

Looking further at the YouTube directory, I discovered another video by Sandra Boynton, herself, explaining how they created one of her recent projects, “The Blue Moo.”

The Penguin Song

It turns out that The Penguin Song is part of that project. It was fascinating – both to hear the story of the book, and to watch the clips of many of my favorite singers in the recording studio.

Blue Moo CD Smiles

I have to tell you, The Blue Moo CD, book, and song is absolutely adorable! My senior mom is going to love it because of the 50’s flavor. My grandkids are going to love it because of the cute songs. And I’M GOING TO LOVE IT because of so many of my favorite singers AND the cute songs AND the special Sandra Boynton touch! As a matter of fact, I’m getting it today! And can’t wait! How about you?  🙂  Your grandkids are going to love it and your elderly parents might even like it as well. Enjoy!

Blue Moo: 17 Jukebox Hits From Way Back NeverBlue Moo: 17 Jukebox Hits From Way Back NeverBlue Moo: 17 Jukebox Hits From Way Back NeverSandra Boynton's Blue MooSandra Boynton’s Blue MooSandra Boynton's Blue MooYour Personal Penguin (Boynton on Board)Your Personal Penguin (Boynton on Board)Your Personal Penguin (Boynton on Board)Your Personal PenguinYour Personal PenguinYour Personal Penguin






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