World Vision book to share the need to help others via Kaye Swain Christian blogger and Roseville CA REALTOR

Blog Action Day – Poverty – The Sequel

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World Vision book to share the need to help others via Kaye Swain Christian blogger and Roseville CA REALTORBlog Action Day really made an impact yesterday in the blogging world. 12,706 sites participated with an estimated audience of about 13,412,152!  I thought you might be interested in reading some of the other blog postings on this subject. No, I’m not going to print all 12,706 entries, just a handful that seemed appropriate to this blog.

Helping People One at a Time – I enjoyed reading the ideas at . She reminded us that even if we only help one or two people it can make a difference. And one of her ideas, “I can play the various “drugstore games” and get OTC meds and personal care items for free or almost free, and I can give it to someone who needs it but can’t afford it – they probably can’t afford a Sunday paper or internet access to even know the deals are available” is one that I also enjoy doing.

Overseas Through One Man’s Eyes – Darren Rowse at had some interesting personal experiences about traveling abroad to help others and witnessing the need personally. I really appreciate all the help I’ve received from Darren through his book and his blog. Darren does a terrific job helping bloggers, new and old, with great info and resources. He’s done just as interesting and educational a blog on this topic of poverty.

Books, Ideas, and Wise Words – The blog, Chaotic Ministry, written by J.D. Eddins, has some great book recommendations, giving ideas, and while you are there, click on the link entitled Wise Words from Habakkuk. I was greatly encouraged by it and think you will be as well.

Elderly – Kate Yorkshire made some excellent points on keeping an eye on your elderly friends and neighbors. As I said yesterday, poverty is over here as well as overseas. And it can even be on your own block.

World Vision – The Five Moores have a sweet site with great pictures and an interesting article on Ethiopia. If you go there by midnight today (October 16, 2008) and leave a comment, an anonymous donor will donate $2 to World Vision. It only takes a minute and every comment helps.

Volunteering – And last, but powerfully not least, is the article and the comments at . Her article reminds us that for those of us who do have time but may be limited on money, volunteering is a wonderful way to help the fight against poverty. She had several interesting comments as well, including one that alerted me to a wonderful site called

Free Rice While You Exercise Your Brain – is a website designed by one man, John Breem, which offers a fun and challenging word game. They are tough words which makes for an interesting game. I am really good at those and still managed to miss one in the first fifteen words. For each correct answer, 20 grains of rice will be donated to the United Nations World Food Program. This fun and simple game has provided rice for over two million people in just one year. The sponsors you see on the site are the ones who contribute the actual rice. You help determine the amount by playing the game while gaining a better vocabulary. It’s a win win site that I am happy to link to. Be sure to read the FAQ on the site. Not only does it tell you more about the rice donations, it gives more details on the game itself. And I should warn you, it’s a very addictive little game, which compounded with the knowledge you are helping others while having fun, may lead to too much time playing it! Enjoy!

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Blog Action Day – Poverty


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    • October 16, 2008

    Thanks for the shout out, I hope more people will stop by Chaotic Ministry and comment on the content there.

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