Spring brings new hope and new smiles to the Sandwich Generation caring for aging parents

Birds, Blooms, and Bliss for Sandwich Generation Baby Boomers

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Spring brings new hope and new smiles to the Sandwich Generation caring for aging parentsSpring is springing! The calendar may say it's another few days away but the trees, flowers, and birds all sing another story to enchant all of us in the Sandwich Generation!

A friend posted a lovely picture of one of the early flowering fruit trees this past week on Facebook. I saw it and thought, rather sadly, not yet for us. Then yesterday, I went out for a walk with my granddaughter and two of her friends. We were enjoying the blissful, warm 70 degrees that we had for a fleeting day or two. And with daylight savings time, it was 7 pm and we could still enjoy some light. Guess what I spotted to make my happiness even bigger? Yup, my own first-one-of-the-year flowering fruit tree! YAY Perfect timing for Sweet Shot Tuesday! Now I must admit, the photo isn't great – I took it from a long distance in twilight. But just knowing it is spring blossoms blooming makes me happy – and hopefully you as well. 

My whole Sandwich Generation family is ecstatic that spring is coming

On Sunday, my senior mom and I were up bright and early. Well, truthfully, it was the first day of the time change so it was early but I wasn't totally bright. Then I stepped outside and spring gently beckoned my smile to appear! The sun was out, the bushes were greening up, and the birds were singing glorious songs of joy and praise to God. It was GORGEOUS! I made a video of it for you. It's not nearly as lovely on this little video tape as it was in person, but I do hope it will give you a smile as well.

I love the changing of the seasons almost as much as I love my two favorite seasons of autumn and spring. It's such fun to see the hints hidden here and there and beam with joy when they pop out in full bloom – whether it's the lovely buds on a tree with the reminder the flowers are a'comin, a delightful fall ballet of falling leaves or even the first signs of starkness before winter's icy grip. It definitely adds spice to my own Sandwich Generation life!

My senior mom and I are having such fun watching these buds open and talking about tips for our senior gardening plans

I may be busy running between grandkids and aging parents doctor and dentist appointments, doing lots of praying for everyone's health, juggllng sports events with senior gardening, and sometimes feeling a bit weary in the process. Then I step outside to see what awesome things God is doing with weather, flora and fauna and I am blessed to relax and enjoy those precious moments of "stopping to smell the roses," so to speak. A lovely way of taking care of the caregiver. 🙂 How about you? Do you enjoy the changing of the seasons the most, the seasons themselves, or both? And for that matter, what's your favorite tip for caring for yourself, as a caregiver – in OR out of the Sandwich Generation? We'd love to hear!

Lovely daffodils glistening in the sun are a cheery sight for the Sandwich Generation - shot by my easy to use digital camera

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