Big Thanks to Toyota Dealer From This Sandwich Generation Grandma!

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Thursday I told you about the big Toyota recall. It is definitely a headache for them. It's also a headache for those of us in the Sandwich Generation if we have to add elderly parents' car and/or our car repairs' to our To Do list. As I'm sure you'll agree, a Sandwich Generation To Do list is rarely short!

Today, though, I want to write about Toyota again, from a happier perspective. A hearty THANK YOU to my local dealership, which provides car washes and useful waiting rooms to their service customers.

One of the new things I've learned since moving to Kentucky is that rock salt, salt brine, and ice melt are wonderful and necessary things for our roads after a big snow. They provide us with a safer road to travel on when we have to head out to take a grandchild to school or an elderly parent to the doctor's office.

They are not great for our cars, however. Within three days of the last storm, my minivan had a dirty white layer all over it! A friend warned me that it needed to be washed off quickly or it would be damaging to my car. Before I had a chance to do so, I discovered I had a dead parking light bulb on the same car. With Bible study class, babysitting, and doctor appointments all filling my calendar to overflowing, I called my Toyota dealer, explained the situation, and asked if they could squeeze me in AND if it could be done in an hour or less.  I was so happy to be told, "Sure, bring it in. We can have it done for you in plenty of time." They did too!

I sat in their waiting room with my iPhone plugged in, checking my email as they fixed the small but vital light. They brought my car around, sparkling from their car wash! What a wonderful gift to this Sandwich Generation senior home care giver! What a smart move on the part of the dealership. Not all service departments do this, I can assure you. And what a great time saver for me.

You know I"m always looking for great ways to save money, but ways to save time can be just as vital – sometimes even more so. I definitely look for good time saving options whenever I have to do anything, including getting my car repaired. I will definitely be calling this Toyota dealership again when I have another problem. And bragging about them to others! 🙂

How about you? What ways to you save time when it comes to car repairs? Do you have favorite companies who help you as you deal with all your Sandwich Generation duties? Be sure to let us know in the comments below! 🙂 And don't forget to sign up for the FREE SandwichINK email to stay caught up on other great ways to help the Sandwich Generation save money and time.

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  1. Big Thanks to Toyota Dealer From This Sandwich Generation Grandma …

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    Big Thanks to Toyota Dealer From This Sandwich Generation Grandma …

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