Bible verse Activities for grandparents and grandkids Gods Love

Bible Verse Activities for Grandkids and Grandparents About God’s Steadfast Love

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Kaye Swain SandwichINK sharing Bible verse activities for grandkids grandparents Gods Love

New Sunday Series at SandwichINK for the Sandwich Generation

Welcome to my new periodic Sunday series at SandwichINK of Bible verse activities for grandkids and grandparents. As you can probably guess, the goal for this is to focus on a Bible verse coupled with coloring pages or other activities for your grandkids and you to enjoy either separately or together. 🙂 It’s a great way to encourage our grandchildren to read and memorize Scripture. For that matter, it’s also a great way to encourage ourselves to do the same.

Christmas Coloring Activities with Grandkids

My youngest grand-toddler and I had a lovely time with Bible verse activities for grandkids and grandparents while we were decorating the various Christmas coloring pages I made for him these past few weeks. I made several pix of Christmas boxes and put verses that talked about God’s love for us in them. Then I made a couple of hearts with verses of what WE can give GOD to show OUR love for Him.

Bible verse activities for grandkids and grandparents for Christmas

While pondering what to do in January, this new idea popped in my head. Of course, it’s not new for me. I’ve enjoyed combining Bible verse activities such as coloring pictures many times in the past with my grandkids and then sharing them with fellow grandparents. And I STILL do that with the older grandkids through the magic of texting and email. Woohoo! A blessing all the way around! 🙂 But I’ve been a bit scattered at doing it lately due to a ramping up in the caregiving department combined with keeping busy with my real estate clients. So my goal for you is as much a goal for me – to make them AND to work on them with the grandkids, near and far. 🙂

Bible Verse Activities for Grandkids and Grandparents

Here’s a Bible verse that could even be turned into lovely Valentine activities for grandkids and grandparents next month. And it’s a sweet reminder of God’s love for us all year long!

Bible verse Activities for grandparents and grandkids Gods Love

As far as Bible verse activities for grandkids and grandparents who are littler – they can just have fun coloring it all red or pink. I bet some of our older grandkids would have fun with the more intricate coloring options like the dots and the letters. That was my goal, anyway.

Bible Activities for Elderly Parents

Of course, Bible verse activities for grandkids and grandparents don’t HAVE to stop with the cute grandkids for those of us in the Sandwich Generation. Scripture coloring pictures can also make for fun Bible activities for elderly parents who enjoy coloring and drawing. They might even like to take something like this and draw their own, using it as inspiration for the day. And for those elderly parents dealing with dementia, just coloring the pictures can be an enjoyable treat.

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

One of the additional benefits of these Bible activities for grandkids and grandparents is that it can lead into a lovely way to teach them to share God’s Word. How about hanging it on the refrigerator so that those who might visit our home can see them. Whether a friend or neighbor, perhaps the medical supply delivery people or how about respite caregivers for our senior parents? Any which way, it can possibly open doors for positive conversations.

Magnets – Not JUST for Easy Clothes for Elderly

Snowman activities for grandkids and grandparents

By the by, remember the post I wrote about easy clothing for our elderly parents with magnetic buttons? Turns out that’s not all magnets are great for. In fact, I learned something new about them this month while working on these fun Bible verse activities for grandkids and grandparents with my grandson.

Did you know there are more than one kind of magnet? And that some hold better than others? I learned that the hard way after buying one set of magnets for refrigerator door very inexpensively, a second set of magnets fairly expensively, and neither set held very well. So I went researching magnets and learned a lot including that there are different types of magnets and each holds a bit better than the other! I never knew that!!!!!

Apparently, neodymium magnets are the strongest of normal magnets. Next I went to Amazon and typed in neodymium magnets for fridge and ended up on a page full of enticing magnet options. After a bit more research I ended up buying the two clip magnets for the fridge below and have to say – I have been VERY pleased. They stick GREAT, they hold grandbaby’s projects GREAT, and I LOVE them. And they were very reasonably priced!

The first does state its magnet is made of neodymium. I don’t think the second set of magnetic refrigerator clips states it but I got them because of the pad. Turns out I didn’t need the pad but if I had it does work nicely. And both sets hold GREAT! They each hold any of grand-toddlers pictures and posters we made for Christmas including the heavy snowman poster we made with contact paper above. (It’s almost as big as he is! 🙂 ) Woohoo! I highly recommend them! 🙂

Your Turn

Well, I just sent the heart coloring page to my long distance grandkids and am printing it for this week’s visit with grand-toddler. Now it’s your turn. What other fun Bible verse activities ideas for grandkids and grandparents can you think of? We’d love to hear. 🙂



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