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Have you discovered the wonderful resources for Bible study that are available to us online! There are several excellent sites out there just waiting for us to dig deeper into the Word and I plan to share my favorites over the next few months.

Today I am especially excited as I just discovered a brand new one. I was up early and couldn’t sleep (what’s new, right? J). I read an email from a friend who is going through a major trial and wanted to encourage her with one of my favorite verses, “You are from God, little children, and have overcome them; because greater is He Who is in you than he who is in the world.” 1 John 4:4. All I could remember was “Greater is He Who is in you.” I tried using my primary resource, Crosswalk’s Bible search site, but couldn’t get the words quite right and didn’t want to try multiple variations, so I just put it into Google (Don’t you LOVE Google? I sure do.) It gave me: . On that page I found the verse I needed in 14 translations, followed by comments from five different commentaries – all in a nice neat column. Very helpful! Not only that, it has cross references on the right and maps on the left. And for those who might be teaching Bible studies or Sunday School, it has several very nice looking Powerpoint slides with permission to use them on the web or in a Powerpoint presentation.

When you go to their front page, you’ll find that they also have the Bible in a wide variety of languages including Greek and Hebrew, along with German, French, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, and many more. is a “production of the Online Parallel Bible Project” and is a wonderful resource that provides “free access to many tools that previously were available only in premium Bible software.”

For the really serious Bible scholars and seminary students, I discovered they also offer an interlinear Greek New Testament which puts the Greek spelling over the Greek word over the English translation

This is definitely an excellent Bible study site and will be going to the top of my list as well as in the link list to the right!

The Wright Stuff
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