Battery operated lamps and lanterns are handy for the Sandwich Generation IF they are easy to open and operate - I learned to always check them before giving them to the elderly parents in my family

Battery Operated LED Lights and Candles Are Great for the Sandwich Generation IF They are Easy to Use – Part Deux

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For the Sandwich Generation caring for the elderly and babysitting grandchildren - even fun pink blue and green candles can be more of a problem than a help

Lights, lights, lights everywhere. Lights from the lightening during the storms, lights from the ceiling, and even the battery powered candles and lights from this member of the baby boomer generation and her new lamps for any future power outages.

Speaking of those new lamps, I have some news updates for all of us about them:

Battery operated lamps and lanterns are handy for the Sandwich Generation IF they are easy to open and operate - I learned to always check them before giving them to the elderly parents in my familyRemember this blue battery operated flashlight / lamp I couldn’t close? I had planned on returning it since I just wasn’t strong enough to turn the cap. But first, I asked my sweet son if he could try to close it. I wasn’t too surprised when he was unsuccessful as well. Obviously, it was broken – right? WRONG! He took a closer look at it, got a funny grin on his faced, and removed the rubber protector from one of its “prongs.” After that, the cap went on just fine – for him AND for me! Color me PINK veering on RED! (Don’t you love it when I “tattle” on myself.) ☺  Now it works great and since I know I can handle those battery changes after all, I’ve taken it back to my house for any future power outages.  

Battery operated led pillar candles make safe emergency lights for the Sandwich Generation caring for the elderly parentsMy pretty and, dare I say it, fun PINK battery operated pillar candle arrived and it’s really lovely. AND it looks, feels, and even slightly smells like real candles. I definitely like it BUT it is not very bright. I can see in my bathroom with it – barely. Yesterday I took a shower with all the lights off except the candle and it just wasn't bright enough with the shower curtain closed. Half way through the process, I switched to the cute PINK faux Coleman with the battery powered lights and it was definitely better. Still not great, but we don't have power outages very often, so I'm sticking with that for now.

However, I do like the candle as a soft night light when I have company. They don’t always like my brighter night light but I hate to have it be pitch black when I have to get up in the middle of the night. So, it’s a great compromise and help there. If I really wanted to use these cute battery operated pillar candles in the bathroom for showers, I'd get the three piece set for more light. 

As for my senior mom? She will keep using one of the hand crank emergency radios and lights she loves for any power outage showers or wait for the lights to come back on. How about you? Which battery powered lamps or LED lights did you like best? And for more Favorite Things for Saturday, check out Bargain Hunting with Laurie, a fun fellow grandmother and blogger. 🙂 

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    • Adam
    • April 30, 2011

    I think I used to have a blue flashlight just like that, and I remember almost having to sit on it just to compress the spring enough to screw the head back on. It was terribly frustrating, and if you ever dropped it, the head would go flying off and land about 10 feet away from all of the compression. Glad you got yours working…..if you add up the time it takes to return something these days, it barely worth the hassle sometimes.

  1. LOL – I know just what you mean Adam. I’ve had that happen too! In this case, it really was “operator error” and, as you wisely pointed out, it definitely saved this Sandwich Generation granny nanny a TON of time. 🙂

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