Many of us in the baby boomer generation remember using Silly Putty to make copies of color comics

Baby Boomer and Grandkid News – Silly Putty Isn’t So Silly!

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I got the sweetest thank you a while back. It was from some of my adorable grandchildren and it just put the biggest smile on my Baby Boomer face!

I loved this cute Silly Putty thank you from my long distance grandchildren

Isn't that cute! And now, as Paul Harvey used to say, "For the rest of the story…"

I had sent each grandchild an egg full of Silly Putty. You remember Silly Putty, don't you? It was popular back when I was in school. I still remember using it to copy colored comics! 

Many of us in the baby boomer generation remember using Silly Putty to make copies of color comics

It was still popular when my kids were in school. And would you believe it, those fun little eggs full of squishy delight are STILL popular now that my grandkids are in school.

We baby boomers only had pinkish Silly putty but our grandkids now can enjoy it in colors like blue

I ordered it from Amazon for all my grandkids as an "I love you" while I was traveling to a distant relative. Thanks to my Amazon Prime Shipping Discount, the shipping was free, so I only paid for the Silly Putty itself. My grandkids and I were all pleasantly and delightfully surprised to discover that some of the Silly Putty was different colors than the pink we were used to.


Big Baby Boomer Generation News - Glow in the Dark Silly Putty

You can even get glitter or neon Silly Putty. 🙂

One family loves to use Silly Putty at the kitchen counter when it's time to make dinner. It's a special treat, only for that time period, so it stays special. It gives the grandkids something fun to do with their hands to keep them peaceful and quiet during a busy time period. That's when these fun projects were made.

These Silly Putty activities for grandparents and their grandchildren were a lot of fun even tho we were several states apart from each other


While long distance grandparenting is not easy it can be done well thanks to the post office - Amazon Prime Discount membership and grandkids creativity

Their cousins prefer to save their Silly Putty for long trips in the car. They like something to do with their hands on long tirps so they don't get so bored and it's never been messy in the car – just lots of fun!

It's nice to see something so little and, dare I say it, "Silly," be so long-lasting, practical, and fun for all of us – from senior citizens and baby boomers on down to our sweet grandkids! Why, did you know, the Apollo 8 astronauts even used it once upon a time to secure their tools in zero-gravity, per Wikipedia! Sounds like it could even be useful for a grandkids' science fair project! Hooray for Silly Putty!

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