Autumn Gift To Senior Home Care Givers and Grandparents

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Since the creation of the world His invisible attributes,
His eternal power and divine nature,
have been clearly seen,
being understood through what has been made…
Romans 1:39-40a

A Cozy Season of Warmth for

These encouraging Bible verses from Romans really came to mind today after a morning of yard sales activities for grandparents and their grandchildren with my grandchild. We had a fun time at the yard sales, though we didn’t find a lot of interest. Well, I didn’t. He was in seventh heaven over the two Hot Wheels sets he found and paid for with his very own earned income of $2!!!

It was the getting to the yard sales that made the whole day extra special! Driving through new-to-us roads in rural Kentucky on a lovely fall day surrounded by gorgeous trees, I was totally awe-struck at the brilliance and magnificence of the fall foliage color! Having spent most of my life on the West Coast followed by a tiny part of my life on the East Coast, I have NEVER seen such gorgeous colors as I did today! It was such an encouragement! I felt like God was wrapping me tight in His arms of love!

Autumn Scenes of Peace for Caregivers

I spent the twenty minute drive praising God for His magnificence and for His gift to me of getting to see this powerful beauty! He knew what a blessing it would be to me and I so appreciated it! And just think! The most beautiful scenery down here is just a pale reflection of the beauty and magnificence of Heaven in the presence of our Almighty and All Powerful God!

An Autumn walk is excellent for caregivers

May God bless you this Autumn season with a taste of His presence, His majesty, and His overwhelming love for you as you go about your Sandwich Generation day, dealing with all the issues involved in caring for elderly parents as well as having fun with fall activities for grandparents and grandchildren! 

Happy Autumn!

Daily Living Made Easier

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