Autumn Decor With Grandkids

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Autumn leaves are much loved by my grandkids and me. When everyone else is busily raking their lawn to achieve the bare look, my grandkids and I are crunchily dancing in the leaves, watching in awe as they fall to the ground in God’s awesome “Autumn Ballet,” and making craft projects with them.

We have fun collecting a bag or two of leaves, picking out the prettiest ones and gluing them to construction paper. These projects can be as simple as a random display or as fancy as their imaginations take them. I love to bring Autumn into the house by hanging these masterpieces all around.

Another fun idea is to let them help me decorate by filling a couple of wide-mouthed, clear vases with leaves, as well as artfully decorating my fireplace mantel with them. It can also be fun to add other autumnal decorations such as pine cones, cute little scarecrows on a stick, etc.

These are simple and fun ways to create great fall memories, teach our grandkids to rejoice in God’s lovely world, and just plain have fun with them. Happy Autumn, y’all. 🙂

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    New blog post: Autumn Decor With Grandkids

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