One of our Easter traditions with the grandchildren is Resurrection Easter Eggs

Autism Awareness Month News and Activities for Boomers and Seniors Who Have Autistic Children or Grandchildren

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Games and activities for autistic children and grandchildren are plenty of fun for all including this Sandwich Generation granny nanny

Would you believe it – this April is power-packed with special days. Of course, the biggest is EASTER! Running late this year, we'll celebrate that awesome day on April 24.  And my grandkids and I will continue to enjoy preparing for it with Resurrection Easter Eggs, Easter songs, and more.

One of our Easter traditions with the grandchildren is Resurrection Easter Eggs

But there are some other important things going on in April and I wanted to spotlight one in particular, because it is such an important one for so many, including grandparents and their grandchildren.

Autism Awareness Month

Whether it is mild or major - a child or grandchild with autism needs all the help a Sandwich Generation parent or grandparent can provide and good resources are vital for us

This is such an important topic for all of us, and especially those of us – in and out of the Sandwich Generation – who deal with children and grandchildren who are on the autism spectrum, whether directly or from a distance. Education and awareness is growing, but it's still important to keep this topic at the forefront and there are several great organizations doing just that, including:

Games and activities for autistic children and grandchildrenThese are all excellent resources and great starting points for those just now learning about autism, full of information to help you understand more about this condition.

Easter Seals is another great resource and I enjoyed this article that I found quite interesting, Baby Sign Language Helps Children with Autism. When my grandchildren were babies, we discovered that was such a popular thing for all the young mommies to help them learn to communicate with their babies sooner. One of the many Baby Sign Language books available - it can also be good for activities for autistic children and grandchildrenMy own kids got the baby sign language video, chart, dictionary, and other books and enjoyed giving it a try. How wonderful to know that it can also be used as fun activities with a vital purpose for our autistic children and grandchildren.

Whether you have children or grandchildren with autism symptoms or have friends who do, this is something that is touching lives everywhere and it's so important to stay aware and learn more about it so you can help your family and friends. And THANK YOU to all those who are working so hard to help all of us in the Sandwich Generation do just that. 

Love is the cornerstone of all successful activities and games for and with autistic children and grandchildren

P.S. CONGRATULATIONS to Lori Macmath for winning the SandwichINK Amazon giveaway as part of the Ultimate Blog Party 2011 fun for the Sandwich Generation. Lori visits here often, especially for Word-Filled Wednesdays, and we are thrilled! 🙂 

Melissa and Doug Deluxe Wooden Cutting Toys are great for games and activities for autistic children and grandchildren

P.P.S. Melissa and Doug foods that can be "cut" using their wooden knife and velcro are a lot of fun for all kids, and especially great for games and activities for autistic children and grandchildren or those with other special needs. My grandkids loved them, and I have to say, I got a kick out of "cutting away" at the fruits myself. It was rather relaxing, as a matter of fact. Something this Sandwich Generation granny nanny especially appreciates. 🙂 

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