Arthritis hacks - arm warmers compared

Arthritis Hacks: Arm Warmers

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Traveling Arthritis

I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis in my early 40s. Since then, I’ve been on a quest to find helpful arthritis hacks to help with dealing with arthritis.

Over the years, I’ve found that living with arthritis presents a unique set of challenges, especially when the condition seems to migrate around my body.  My mom and I used to refer to that as “traveling arthritis.” One or the other of us would get significant pain in a back or a knee or an elbow. We’d go to the doctor and it always turned out to be “traveling arthritis.” Give it a few days or week and it will go away. Sure enough, that’s what always happened.  We would use some Acetaminophen or Ibuprofen or  or motrin. And eventually it would disappear on its own.

Gradually I learned to just ignore it and eventually, it always disappeared. I did get used to it. But that didn’t stop me from searching for any and all arthritis hacks to help  ease and/or deal with the pain.  (30 years ago, I would have called them “arthritis tips and tricks” 😀).

One of my favorite arthritis hacks is using fingerless gloves while on the computer to ease arthritis pain

I’ve been asking that question more often in the last couple of years as arthritis has seemingly taken up a more permanent residence in my hands. This has definitely had an impact on my daily activities, which includes typing on my Mac computer – something that is essential for my work, both in real estate and in blogging.

Great Arthritis Hacks – Fingerless Gloves

Happily, after much trial and error, (I learned the “arthritis gloves” were too tight for me!),  I stumbled upon one of my best and simplest arthritis hacks: fingerless gloves. These gloves have been wonderful! Some have the thumb but no fingers beyond about 1 inch of material. Others have no thumb either. Some are fancier. Some are “dirt cheap” – like the ones I got from Handepo and oh so handy – they are actually my favorite because I got 24 for about $1 per pair of gloves. So I just put them all in a drawer and grab them whenever I want them. If I set them down and forget where they are, no problem. I just grab another pair. And eventually they all end up back in the drawer – one less headache for me. 😀

Either way, these simple but useful arthritis hacks have drastically reduced the discomfort I felt and enabled me to continue my work without significant hindrance. And since they are fingerless, others rarely notice I’m wearing them in the winter. In the summer they aren’t needed as often. But when I do wear them,  they are more obvious. That being said, my hands are happier and in much less pain, so I really don’t care if they are noticeable. 😀

Difficult Nights

The relief these gloves provided during the day was substantial, but a new challenge arose when the periodic pain in my hands began to disrupt my sleep. Restless nights became a common occurrence, leaving me searching for a solution that could provide comfort throughout the night. Initially, I attempted to sleep with the fingerless gloves I had grown to rely on during the daytime hours, but they proved to be a bit tighter than I like at night. That was an irritant rather than the comfort and an ease of pain that I needed.

More Great Arthritis Hacks – Arm warmers

Determined to find a better solution, I embarked on a quest to discover new arthritis hacks that could offer the solution needed for a good night’s sleep. My search led me to explore several options, but none seemed to meet my needs or answer my questions of “how can I relieve arthritis pain naturally” until I discovered hand and arm warmers. These warmers, also called arm warmers, arm sleeves, and about a half dozen other names (I’ve even seen them advertised on an arm sweater page). struck the perfect balance, being both affordable and comfortably loose, making them an ideal choice for nighttime wear.

Interestingly, the ones I currently use featured deliberate holes, which I assume were for aesthetic purposes. While I appreciated the practical design of the larger thumb hole, I was less enthusiastic about the smaller holes, suspecting they might compromise the durability of the warmers. But so far they are doing great.

Arthritis hacks - arm warmers compared

New Routines

Ensuring I put these arm warmers on before going to bed became a crucial part of my nightly routine, as finding the thumb hole in the dark can be a bit challenging. On a couple of occasions, one of the warmers slipped off during the night, but thankfully, they were easy enough to find and I have always managed to  replace them in the dark even with the thumb hole. Despite these minor inconveniences, the warmers have proven to be excellent arthritis hacks, providing the necessary comfort to improve my sleep significantly.

Arm Warmers Amazon Carries Are Great

I found a wide variety of great options of arm warmers Amazon carried including the pair I now own and love. The brown gloves below are my favorites. Very comfy and roomy which I prefer at night. The black ones are just a big snugger. That’s fine for the daytime so I’m wearing them during the day and if they stretch out a bit, then I’ll add them to my nighttime collection. I still use the motrin and/or tylenol when needed but as rarely as possible, although of course others’ needs may vary. So now, when someone asks me, “Got any great new arthritis hacks?,” I tell them I have an excellent one for them – arm warmers!

Have you tried arm warmers before? How did you like yours?


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