Wee Sing Bible songs with the old and new testament books of the Bible songs

Books of the Bible Memory Activities for Grandparents and Grandchildren Part 2

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Fun ways kids learn Books Bible for grandkids

Hasn’t this been a fun week focusing on fun ways to help our kids and grandkids learn the Books of the Bible. Last Monday, we found a song or two (six to be exact) to help us with that. But there are MORE. And here are four more I like, just for you and your sweet Sandwich Generation family!

These are ones I have not purchased (yet!) but I did get to listen to samples and here’s the scoop: 

  1. The Wonder Kids – The Books of the Bible – one song each for the Old and the New Testament – They are quite cute and are on the book/cd album set, My Sing-Along Bible, that includes 50 Bible stories and 50 Bible songs that my grandkids and I have enjoyed. Or you can go to this page, scroll down, and find each song listed separately if you just want the mp3 of the two Bible books songs.
  2. Wee Sing Bible Songs – Books of the Old Testament and Books of the New Testament – also two songs – quite cute, fairly easy to understand, and they did the numbered books great. If I didn’t already have more than enough, I would definitely add it to my collection. Hmmmm, maybe next year?  🙂 (This link also includes the option of just buying the mp3 of each song 😉 ).
  3. The last one, by Kathy Troxel, whose multiplication songs I love because of their peaceful quiet tempo, also has a delightful, peaceful, quiet version of the books of the Bible Old Testament song AND New Testament song on her album – Bible songs. I know one set of my grandkids would especially love these. If they need help when they get to learning those books, I’ll definitely send this album to them. It’s very easy to understand and does the first and second Samuel, et al, just great.

Well, there you have it. The second part of my review of the ten versions of a Books of the Bible song I found on this go round. There are others and as I find them I’ll add them here. In the meantime, have fun with those grandkids and, indeed, your whole family. After all, memorizing is excellent brain activity for senior citizens as well as grandchildren – making this excellent for our whole Sandwich Generation family!  


P.S. Click here to visit last week’s post on this topic.

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