Are You Granddog-Sitting? Here are Some First Aid Tips and Tools to Help You! Part 2

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Adaptive Clothing & Footwear by Silvert's is a grand resource for the Sandwich Generation boomers and seniors!

If this cute Webkinz lil kinz black and white cheeky dog gets hurt we just get needle and thread and sew him up - real dogs need dog first aid kits and resources

If our grandchild's Webkinz Lil Kinz black and white cheeky dog gets hurt we can just get needle and thread and sew him up. It's not so easy with a real live granddog. It's just as important to have dog first aid kits and resources handy, as it is to have people first aid kits and resources. One item that is now in my new granddogs kit is Styptic powder, along with gauze, tape, and baby booties! Why baby booties? They worked great on granddog's feet to keep the bandage protected when he went outside to go to the bathroom after his broken dew claw injury. (It did slow him down a bit for playing with his Nylabone Dog Frisbee but he's doing much better now.)

We also discovered there are some great books covering first aid for dogs (not to mention cats, birds, etc.). One of the staff members at the pet hospital recommended The Merck/Merial Manual for Pet Health – in Everyday Language.

The Merck Merial Manual for Pet Health would have been very handy when granddog experienced a broken dew claw injury

Don't you love it when experts take great info and put it into "everyday language!" It's much easier to read and understand, saving all of us in the busy Sandwich Generation much needed time! I already have The Merck Manual Home Edition and the Merck Manual of Patient Symptoms  to help when caring for my elderly parents and grandkids if they don't feel well and really appreciate what a great resource they are so I was thrilled to discover this pet book, as well. We also found First Aid for Dogs: What to do When Emergencies Happen which my granddog's mom picked up. She liked that one as well as it is written by a vet and has some great home remedy tips in it. 

Next time granddog gets a little too exuberant for his own good, they'll be well prepared. And now you and I have some great new gift ideas for Christmas for other granddog families! 


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