Boomer and senior fitness is definitely in the news for boomers and seniors

Are the Baby Boomers Getting Left Behind, Technically Speaking?

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Boomer and senior fitness is definitely in the news for boomers and seniors

The Baby Boomer Generation is often in the news now. From brain exercises, to boomer fitness, to boomers and business, to boomer crafts, we're also all over the internet.

I enjoyed visiting a variety of blogs recently, primarily written by fellow members of the baby boomers generation. I read some new boomer and senior gardening ideas, got some fun inspirations for upcoming activities for grandparents and their grandchildren, and loved seeing a bicycle built for FOUR!

I also popped in to read an interesting baby boomer news article with the intriguing title, "Baby Boomers are Getting Sputnik'd by Tech and Social Media," by Sheila Scarborough. Her premise is that many in the Baby Boomer Generation seem to be getting left behind with all the newest tech advances like tiny phones, Facebook and Twitter. 

Tech using Boomers are big in Baby boomer news

As I pointed out in her comments, "I'm still a very tech-savvy member of the Baby Boomer Generation but each year it does get a bit harder as more new things come out. And the print keeps getting SMALLER but my eyes don’t get better. I’m still having a lot of fun with it, but it’s definitely a continuing challenge."  

After all, for many of us who are juggling caring for elderly parents and helping with grandkids, keeping up with new tech advances takes more time than some of us can spare. You all know I love Twitter, but Facebook has been harder for me to get a handle on just because it takes more time than I have. And tiny things are getting a bit trickier to read.

All in all, I'm still ahead of many of my peers, and in many areas, I'm even still ahead of my kids, though they have out-distanced me in other areas. That's probably pretty normal for any age.  Not only that, I know plenty of seniors who are actively blogging, tweeting and on Facebook. Some are more active than others, but still and all, they do have an active presence. How about all of you in baby boomer generation, juggling right along with me? Do you think you are keeping up with tech as much, less, or more than 10 or 20 years ago?  How about your senior parents?  We'd love to hear. 🙂

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  1. Are the Baby Boomers Getting Left Behind, Technically Speaking? via – The Baby Boomer …

  2. Kaye, I think you are doing a wonderful job of keeping up with technology. But, I agree with you, it’s a challenge. My travel blog forces me to keep up with all of the changes that new technologies present. Some weeks I feel as if I’m required to learn a new skill every day, which can be overwhelming. But what about those baby boomers who aren’t as intimately involved with the internet? For them the challenge must be twice as great. I can understand their reluctance to embrace twitter, Facebook, etc.

  3. Excellent points, Donna! And I am with you. Blogging is a great way to have fun, share with others, and keep our brains active and alert and learning new things, including technology. Even if we are slower at some things than others. 🙂

  4. Kaye, you make some good point in your post about the constantly changing nature of technology. Often it is overwhelming for someone to just decide to start using a computer one day when they have never had any experience. As with anything, learning new skills requires patience, understanding, and a LOT of time. However, it seems as though the right motivation will kick-start people into learning new things, for example the social media boom among seniors. There are many products as well as training classes out there which can aid in the process becoming familiar with technology. Thanks for the post!

  5. Are the Baby Boomers Getting Left Behind, Technically Speaking …

  6. The #BabyBoomer generation is often in the news now.

  7. Hi firstSTREET – Thank you. Excellent points in your comment as well. 🙂

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