All I Want for Christmas…Is a Working Smoke Detector With Batteries

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Two days before Christmas! Are you done with your Christmas shopping? Even if you are, here’s a gift that would be excellent for both grandma and grandchild! It is inexpensive, available at almost every store around, not to mention Amazon and other online sites, and screams “I love you” each month when it is tested. I’m speaking of a Smoke and Fire Alarm or a strobe light smoke alarm for the hearing impaired.

“Boring!” you may scoff. I must disagree. I think the pastor’s family, who was saved from a fiery death the week before Thanksgiving because of the warning of their smoke alarm beeps, might disagree. I know the parents, who lost children due to their smoke alarm or its batteries not working, would definitely disagree. If your family members already have a smoke detector, wonderful! You can still give them the gift of smoke detector batteries. Wrap them up beautifully, along with a note explaining that once opened, you will go around and replace the battery in each smoke detector. It’s especially difficult for elderly relatives to manage that.

While some of you might discover that your family members have both a working smoke detector and fresh batteries in it, I suspect many of you will find that your gift will be especially timely. If they have already replaced the batteries, they will then be ready for the next replacement. Giving smoke detectors and/or batteries for them, coupled with installing them, may not be the fanciest gift, but it could one of the most important gifts you’ll never know about, if they work properly. After all, the best smoke detector is the one that works!  And that’s a wonderful gift of peace of mind for all of you in the Sandwich Generation!

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